Mark Hunt says he does not understand why fans consider Dana White a good person - "He's just a ruthless businessman"

Mark Hunt (left) and Dana White (right)
Mark Hunt (left) and Dana White (right)

Mark Hunt's beef with Dana White is out there in the open and the former UFC heavyweight isn't pulling any punches while talking about his former employer. In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Hunt blasted White for his treatment of fighters.

Hunt said he doesn't understand why people consider White to be a 'good person' and claimed he is nothing but a 'ruthless businessman'. Hunt said that White doesn't care about any of his fighters if they aren't making him money by fighting or selling pay-per-views:

"I don't know why people think dana's a good person. He's just a ruthless businessman and he cares not about any one of those people. The truth is if you can't fight or bring an audience, you're not even, you shouldn't be part of the other thing. It just makes me laugh how people can brown-nose him all the time thinking they're going to get a leg up from him... Even trying to get a contract in that company it's just disappointing you wouldn't want to get one there to be honest."

Check out Mark Hunt's interview with Submission Radio below:


Mark Hunt reacts to Jake Paul's diss track on Dana White

Mark Hunt has shared his thoughts on Jake Paul's diss track about Dana White and UFC fighters like Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor. Although he doesn't appreciate the fact that Paul trashed fighters, Hunt said he enjoyed watching the video and found it funny.

He also said most of the things shown about White in the video are true and that he's faced similar problems with the UFC president in the past. Hunt also claimed Jake Paul is doing the right thing by shedding light on it:

"I think he's [Jake Paul is] doing the right thing because he's got good information. That video I saw was kind of funny but it's true, it's actually true because it's happened to me," Hunt said.

A few years ago, Mark Hunt filed a lawsuit against Brock Lesnar and UFC president Dana White among others. The lawsuit alleged that the promotion knowingly allowed Lesnar to use PEDs ahead of their heavyweight clash at UFC 200. Although Hunt lost the fight, the result was later overturned to a no-contest after Lesnar failed multiple drug tests following the bout.

"This is rubbish!" Mark Hunt furiously responds to Brock Lesnar's potential doping violation. via…

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