“American made, Australian stolen” – Craig Jones ruthlessly trolls Gordon Ryan over stolen TRX truck

Craig Jones (left) mercilessly trolls Gordon Ryan (right) after his Ram TRX truck was stolen [Images Courtesy: @craigjonesbjj and @gordonlovesjiujitsu on Instagram]
Craig Jones (left) mercilessly trolls Gordon Ryan (right) after his Ram TRX truck was stolen [Images Courtesy: @craigjonesbjj and @gordonlovesjiujitsu on Instagram]

Craig Jones is known in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) world for his unmatchable wit and boundary-pushing sense of humor.

The Australian grappler has become somewhat of an expert marketer when it comes to his profile and 'brand' in the BJJ sphere, and is without doubt one of the sport's most popular athletes.

A former teammate turned enemy of Jones, no-gi grappling legend Gordon Ryan, had his Ram TRX truck stolen from his driveway yesterday. 'The King' took to Instagram to share the news and provide a reward for anyone able to get the truck back in Ryan's possession.

Jones did not miss the opportunity to rub salt into his former teammates' wounds, as he took to Instagram to mercilessly troll 'The King' by joking that he had stolen the truck.

The Australian wrote this:

"My guy left the keys in there. Start with protecting your driveway before you tackle the southern border."

He added the following:

"American made, Australian stolen."

And Jones continued with this:

"Biden just secured my vote."

See Craig Jones' post below:

Craig Jones does not reserve his trolling for BJJ athletes only. He was quoted saying that if Islam Makhachev lost to Alexander Volkanovski in their rematch at UFC 294, that the defeat could result in the "demise of Sambo."

Craig Jones set to face UFC welterweight Philip Rowe in upcoming grappling event

Craig Jones and Philip Rowe are set to face off on Feb. 23 in a no-gi submission grappling match at Pit Submission Series, an event hosted by parent company Karate Combat.

Rowe faced off against Gordon Ryan in 2019, where 'The Fresh Prince' lost via decision, and his BJJ skills will once again be put to the test by one of the sport's leading innovators in Jones.

Not only does the Australian hold several impressive accolades in BJJ, he is also the grappling coach of featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski and has worked with other champions like Leon Edwards.

The UFC welterweight promised to put on a show for fans as he took to Instagram to announce the match against Craig Jones. He wrote this:

"Feb. 23rd the most exciting man in grappling & the most charismatic fighter on the planet! Superfight main event for the ages! One thing I GUARENTEE you shall be entertained! @craigjonesbjj always puts on a show and is A1 on the mic! Everytime I pull up I show out! Feb 23rd won’t be any different."

See Philip Rowe's post below:

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