Cedric Doumbe reveals how a blunder by a doctor cost him his UFC debut in Paris 

Cedric Doumbe [Image courtesy: @cedricdoumbe on Instagram]
Cedric Doumbe [Image courtesy: @cedricdoumbe on Instagram]

Decorated kickboxer Cedric Doumbe was set to make his UFC debut last September. The Frenchman was slated to meet Darian Weeks in front of his home fans at the Accor Arena in Paris for the UFC's first-ever event in France.

However, the fight never came to fruition and neither did Doumbe's UFC signing. The former GLORY kickboxing champion has now claimed that a botched MRI report led to his contract falling through.

According to Cedric Doumbe, a doctor had erroneously reported a blod clot in his head in a MRI scan which he sent to the UFC without checking it himself. The 30-year-old said on The MMA Hour:

"I signed a contract with the UFC at first. I was about to announce my [signing] with the UFC and I made an MRI and there was mistake. Doctor made a mistake in that test and he figured that I have a blot in my brain. And I used to do it so many times...so I just sent the paper and I didn't even check it. And they just respond to us that I can't fight because the MRI is bad."

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Cedric Doumbe claims PFL contract is 10x of what the UFC offered

Cedric Doumbe confirmed that there was another factor which led to the cancelation of his UFC Paris clash against Darian Weeks. The fight fell through reportedly due to a bizzare french rule that didn't allow fighters with less than 10 pro fights to take on an opponent with more than a five fight differential.

While Doumbe held a 3-0 record at the time compared to Weeks' 5-3, the former GLORY champion had 83 kickboxing bouts under his belt.

However, it all appears to have worked out well for 'Le Meilleur' who has now bagged a lucrative PFL contract. Asked how the PFL contract compared to the UFC's offer, the 30-year-old further told Helwani:

“I really have a better contract with PFL — PFL is the future and I’m very [happy] with my contract right now...Ten times [bigger]. I’m very happy. I’m very glad now, but now it’s time to buck up. It’s time to win because I’ve talked, and talked, and talked.”

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Cedric Doumbe is set to make his PFL debut on June 32 against Jarrah Hussein Al-Silawi in Atlanta.

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