"It's very rude" - Chael Sonnen questions how Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury kept in-ring interaction plan a secret from Dana White

Dana White (Left), Chael Sonnen (Center) (via @Chael Sonnen on YouTube), Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou (Right) (via @MichaelBensonn on Twitter)
Dana White (Left), Chael Sonnen (Center) (via @Chael Sonnen on YouTube), Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou (Right) (via @MichaelBensonn on Twitter)

Chael Sonnen believes it was rude of Francis Ngannou to keep Dana White in the dark regarding his joint-interview with Tyson Fury following his victory over Dillian Whyte. Sonnen assumed that the UFC honcho had no prior intimation as he would have certainly leaked the information to the media had he been in White's shoes.

According to 'The American Gangster', Ngannou, who is in business with the UFC, shouldn't have withheld information that might be of relevance to the promotion, where he currently holds the heavyweight title.

Sonnen was also impressed by how Ngannou was able to conceal his presence in London despite his immense build. The 45-year-old recently said on his YouTube channel:

"If I were in Dana's shoes and I get tipped off, I will personally leak that to somebody in the media. I am going to take away from whatever this big reveal moment is. Which leads me to believe that Dana didn't know. And that's relevant. It's very relevant because it's very rude. If Dana has a partner somewhere and that partner has information that is pertinent to Dana's organization and they don't share it. How did they keep this secret? They did a very good job. It was a great reveal. It was a treat for the end of the night."

Watch Sonnen's take on the Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury interview below:


Sonnen also opined that the interview was definitely planned and was taken aback by the fact that they were indeed able to keep everything under the sheets. However, he wondered how things would have panned out had Fury lost to Whyte.

Chael Sonnen slams the idea of a hybrid ruleset for Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou has been rallying for a crossover super fight against heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. 'The Predator' has even put the renewal of his UFC contract on hold, demanding a clause that allows him to pursue boxing.

Although both Ngannou and Fury seem interested in the bout, they've expressed a desire to fight under a hybrid ruleset. While 'The Predator' suggested that they fight barefoot, Fury suggested boxing rules with UFC gloves.

Chael Sonnen was not impressed by the idea of a hybrid ruleset and slammed the heavyweights for not sticking to their sport. The former UFC middleweight contender suggested that they might as well arm wrestle if they wanted to bring in variety.

The 45-year old said on an episode of The FIGHT with Teddy Atlas:

"These two knuckleheads could put their heads together and form a rock pile... If Fury is telling us, I'm not putting my record on the line, I'm not putting my family's lineage of three different generations on the line... we're gonna do something different. Well, those sons of b****** might as well arm wrestle."

Watch Sonnen's take on Ngannou vs. Fury below:


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