The jury will be elected from the same community that will oversee his son - Chael Sonnen suggests Harry Goularte's stepfather should plead Cain Velasquez's case 

Cain Velasquez (left) and Chael Sonnen (right) [Photo credit: @MikeBohn on Twitter &]
Cain Velasquez (left) and Chael Sonnen (right) [Photo credit: @MikeBohn on Twitter &]
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Chael Sonnen believes it would be in the best interest of Harry Goularte's stepfather, Paul Bender, to defend Cain Velasquez in court.

Bender, of course, was the man accidentally shot by Velasquez, who was really after Goularte. The shooting took place after Goularte was released on bail despite being charged with molesting one of Velasquez's young relatives.

As far as Sonnen is concerned, however, Bender could serve both Velasquez and his son's interests. During a recent episode of his YouTube show, Sonnen explained how he believes this could happen:

"The pool of the jury that will oversee Cain will be elected from the same pool and the same community that will oversee his son... From a strategic standpoint, if somebody could've sat with them, I feel they could've explained to him, 'If you come in here and you beg grace to Cain for this action.' You begin to lay the foundation for a misunderstanding. That then begins to serve your own son."

Check out Chael Sonnen's comments in the clip below:


However, Sonnen admitted it's highly unlikely that Bender will help out Velasquez. The former three-time UFC title challenger said he's aware that the scenario he laid out is merely fantasy, but maintained that it could legitimately work out.

Chael Sonnen defends Cain Velasquez's character

Never one to shy away from controversy, Chael Sonnen recently addressed the controversy surrounding Cain Velasquez. The former UFC heavyweight champion is currently facing attempted murder and gun assault charges after being involved in a shooting earlier this year.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, 'The American Gangster' said:

"To explain in words what a kind person Cain Velasquez is would be 'tough'. He’s the toughest guy in every room, but he’s also a good-spirited, kind guy. I’ve heard a lot of defenders out there, but it’s a tough spot. Any way you look at it, he hit the wrong guy. The person who he was after says he’s innocent, and our justice system says the guy is innocent, and he hit the wrong guy. The bottom line is this is a problem."
Cain Velasquez has been denied bail again in his ongoing court case for attempted murder charges. He will remain in jail awaiting trial. Full story coming to @MMAFighting #UFC

If found guilty of the attempted murder charge, Velasquez could face a minimum sentence of 20 years behind bars.

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