Colby Covington reacts to Dana White saying 'Chaos' would be the UFC welterweight champ if Kamaru Usman didn't exist

Colby Covington (left); Dana White (centre); Kamaru Usman (right)
Colby Covington (left); Dana White (centre); Kamaru Usman (right)
Manjit Sarmah

Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington, in an interview with Mike Heck of MMAFighting, gave his reaction to Dana White saying 'Chaos' would be the UFC welterweight champ if Kamaru Usman didn't exist.

Speaking about the UFC President's comment, Covington said he did not take Dana White's words as a compliment. Instead, claimed himself to be the 'Champion', The Champion of America, which he believes to be bigger than any other title.

"No, I'm the champion. I don't know what Dana is talking about. I'm America's champion. That's a bigger championship than their title. I'm Donald Trump's favourite fighter, that's a way bigger title than any title in UFC. So, I don't take no prayer, I am the champion Dana what are you talking about? Go look at the 10 rounds that we fought. If you look at the body of work of ten rounds, I'm easily up for 6-4 or probably 7-3. I would say 7-3, through ten rounds, so I'm the champion."

Further into the interview, Colby Covington also went ahead and claimed to be the people's champion.

Catch MMA Fighting's recent episode with Colby Covington below:

Colby Covington takes a jibe at Ali Abdelaziz's claims about Kamaru Usman's boxing credentials.

Colby Covington addressed Dominance MMA CEO Ali Abdelaziz's comments about the reigning welterweight champion's boxing abilities.

In a recent interview with MMA News, 'Chaos' called Usman's ability to compete with Canelo the "funniest thing" he'd ever heard.

"It's probably the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life. I mean, man that's just sad. Man, it is not even believable, like come on man, like, let's talk about things in the realm of possibility and just, it's just, I mean, you are acting like a little kid... He is just trying to get paid, that is, I mean, the bottom line, he does not want to fight tough fights anymore, man. He just looks he wants to get this big money fight and just walk off in the sunset, you know. He does not want it anymore. He does not want it like I want it."

Catch MMA News' full interview with Colby Covington below:

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