"There is no one in Hollywood with the skills or the capability to do what I am doing" - Conor McGregor claims his upcoming movie 'Road House' will break box office records and win multiple awards

McGregor v Cerrone
Conor McGregor claims his upcoming movie 'Roadhouse' will break box office records and win multiple awards

Conor McGregor is of the belief that his upcoming movie Road House with Hollywood luminary Jake Gyllenhaal will win multiple awards and break all box office records. 'The Notorious' will be cast alongside Gyllenhaal, who appears to be the main protagonist.

The former UFC two-division champion went on an unrestrained Twitter bout, releasing several tweets ranging from future fight plans to details about his upcoming movie project. In one of those tweets, McGregor boldly declared that his contribution in the forthcoming motion picture is beyond comparison:

"There is no one in Hollywood with the skills or the capability to do what I am doing in this movie “the roadhouse”. Box office records. Awards."

Conor McGregor will make his silver screen debut in the remake of the 1989 action film Road House, which is directed by Doug Liman. Filiming for the motion picture began in the Dominican Republic on August 23, 2022.

While there is little information available about the the Irishman's role in the project, the 34-year-old treated his fans with a sneak peek from the set of the movie. As far as one can say, the premise of the movie apparently is that an ex-UFC fighter encounters trouble while working at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys.

Conor McGregor claims that he will have multiple fights before the release of Road House

Road House, an upcoming action movie under Amazon Studios, will mark the debut of Conor McGregor's acting career. After venturing into several successful business endeavors and selling a majority stake in his whiskey company, Proper No. Twelve to Proximo Spirits, McGregor will now grace the big screen in a completely different role.

However, a highly anticipated return to fighting remains the most pressing matter for the Irishman. As much as he loves the empire he has ardenly built outside the fight game, competing under the bright lights remains his biggest priority.

Conor McGregor, who's recovering from a gruesome leg injury that he incurred in his third fight against rival Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, has targeted a return in 2023. During a recent Twitter spree, 'The Notorious' claimed that he will return to fighting once the shoot for the upcoming movie is wrapped up. He also added that he envisions multiple fights inside the octagon even before the movie hits the silver screen:

"I’m feeling crazy confident. Calm. Disattached from emotion. Aware of what I must do and making it happen. Visualizing. I see it all. Clear. This movie wraps, I’m back. I’ll have multiple fights completed by the time this movie even releases."

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