Conor McGregor reveals the best purchase he has ever made


A Conor McGregor fight week is in full flow once again and the 'Notorious' Irishman is doing his media rounds in typical Conor McGregor fashion.

In one such media interview, McGregor revealed that the best purchase he ever made was the acquisition of his Lamborghini mega-yacht.


Speaking with MMA journalist Aaron Bronsteter, Conor McGregor had the following to say when asked what was the best purchase he ever made:

"I would say my lamborghini yacht. It's currently in Italy at the minute. It's ready for post fight. I've a bit of work to be done after this bout, across the United States, and then I go to Italy. I'm going to christen my son in Italy with the family and some friends, and then I'm going to pick up my Lamborghini yacht. It's some vessel so I'm really excited to get into it and rally it around. I look forward to setting records on it also."

UFC 264: Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Porier

Conor McGregor made waves in MMA media by arriving at Fight Island for his second fight with Dustin Poirier aboard the afore-mentioned mega-yacht. Many later attributed this excessive show of wealth to being one of the factors that led to his loss to Poirier, with the narrative going that McGregor was living a too comfortable lifestyle not suited to that of a professional fighter.

However, ahead of his trilogy fight with Poirier at UFC 264, Conor McGregor has taken a different approach. He has stayed away from his family and completely abstained from alcohol for the duration of his fight camp. He has also revereted back to his trash-talking ways, as can be seen in a recent interview with BT Sports where he had the following to say when asked if the fight had become personal:

"It's never personal, it's just a corpse. It's just a corpse. It's just a corpse in front of me that I need to disect and rip through."

Dana White has recently added fuel to the fire that is the hype surrounding this trilogy fight by essentially stating that the winner will be UFC lightweight champion Charles Olivera's first title challenger.

Conor McGregor is a former 155-pound title holder who had his belt stripped due to inactivity. There is no doubt he has his eyes once again locked on the prospect of claiming back UFC gold.

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