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"Conor McGregor will poke fun at anybody" - Paul Felder hilariously addresses his feud with the Irishman

Paul Felder thinks Conor McGregor is poking fun at him.
Paul Felder thinks Conor McGregor is poking fun at him.
Anwesha Nag
Modified 14 Jan 2021, 21:12 IST

Paul Felder has proven in the past that he does not take Conor McGregor's jabs at his 'Irish Dragon' nickname to the heart, and he continues to ignore them despite repeated provocations. Conor McGregor has lashed out at him on social media again, taking offense at his cage name and claiming that Paul Felder is, in fact, German.

Ahead of UFC's first event of the year in Abu Dhabi, Paul Felder spoke in a media scrum and addressed the ongoing rivalry with Conor McGregor. He had nothing but lighthearted and humorous responses to the reporters' questions.

Felder said that Conor McGregor says these things "poke fun at him" like he does with everybody else. According to the Irish Dragon, McGregor's comments are not as personal as they appear.

However, Felder did clarify, once again, that he is not German or even Irish by nationality and that he's American. He stated that he did not choose his 'Irish Dragon' nickname either.

"My last name is German. My dad's side - I hate talking about this - I know I'm not Irish. I'm not German. I'm not Italian, I'm not Swedish, I'm American... I also did not give myself 'The Irish Dragon' nickname," Felder explained.

Paul Felder calls his rivalry with Conor McGregor silly

Paul Felder
Paul Felder

Paul Felder believes that Conor McGregor is trying to poke at him, in case they face each other down the line. He also understands that the reason Conor McGregor is doing this is because it would give the feud between the two a good background if they actually met in the cage.

"It's silly and he has poked fun at me on social media... I think he's just f***ing with me, to be honest with you. He's like that. He's not an idiot man. He'll poke at anybody in case you climb the ranks and you're next," said Felder.

Felder not only thinks it is silly but also has a pretty hilarious solution for the same. He suggested that if it ever came to the point where the two were facing each other inside the octagon, he would take the name 'The German Dragon' just to make peace with Conor McGregor.

See the press conference below.

Conor McGregor also called Paul Felder out after his UFC 246 win, where the latter was at the commentator's desk.

"So Iā€™m going to party tonight, celebrate, spend time with my family, then get back in the gym and train. And any one of these little melty fools can get it. Even that little melty fool at the desk. All of them!" exclaimed McGregor in his post-fight interview.
Published 14 Jan 2021, 21:12 IST
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