"Grappling isn't limited to being on the ground" - Daniel Cormier opines on "one of the biggest mistakes" in MMA judging

Daniel Cormier at UFC 271: Adesanya vs. Whittaker 2
Daniel Cormier at UFC 271: Adesanya vs. Whittaker 2
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Discussions over the UFC's controversial judging and scoring continue. Daniel Cormier believes the judges are only scoring points for grappling when the fighters are on the ground. 'DC' stated that fans and judges don't often realize how taxing it is on the body holding a fighter in a position, even up against the cage.

Speaking with fellow UFC pundit Laura Sanko on ESPN MMA's YouTube channel, the pair discussed Holly Holm's controversial split-decision loss to Ketlen Vieira. The two also talked about whether the judges were making mistakes when scoring grappling and controlling time:

"They don't understand what it takes to get to that position [holding a fighter against the cage]... It is so difficult to control someone in that area of a fight. It's taxing, it's exhausting and it's hard. The reality is I watched it happen twice. It was the [Eryk] Anders fight also... It seemed as though Anders was landing, maybe not as much, but he was controlling all of the instances in which they came together. All of the grappling. Grappling isn't limited to being on the ground. I think that is where one of the biggest mistakes is happening with the scoring."
Uhhh how did @HollyHolm lose this fight ? Looks at the stats !

Laura Sanko later revealed that she had spoken to former UFC referee 'Big' John McCarthy. Daniel Cormier asked her what McCarthy thought of the judging and the Holly Holm fight. Sanko said:

"I will tell you this. He [McCarthy] was in the agreement that she [Holm] won the fight. Here's what I really want you to take away and what seems hard for people to accept... He said there was not an incorrect way to score the third round. There was not enough. It was very acceptable to have Vieira win that round and acceptable enough for Holm to win that round."

Watch Daniel Cormier and Laura Sanko discuss UFC judging here:


Brendan Schaub says nobody has more knowledge of MMA judging than Daniel Cormier

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub has urged fight fans to listen to Daniel Cormier in regards to MMA judging.

'DC' felt that Holm had won at least three of the rounds against Vieira and was surprised when her hand wasn't raised at the end. Cormier has since called on the judges to change their understanding of grappling.

After chatting with my man @jedigoodman i feel like I have a better understanding of how they judged the fight. Still think Holm won but honestly not as sure about it…

Despite backlash towards 'DC' for his open criticism, Brendan Schaub believes nobody knows more about the business than Daniel Cormier. On a recent episode of The Schaub Show, the 39-year-old former UFC heavyweight said:

"Listen to 'DC'. He’s literally one of the greatest to ever do it. The guy has been around combat sports. If it’s wrestling or it’s mixed martial arts... since he was a freaking kid. He is an expert. He has a doctorate in mixed martial arts. There’s nobody more educated, more spoken for in the game."

Fans can expect the controversy surrounding the irregular judging to continue as it is unlikely the UFC will make any changes in the short term.

Watch Brendan Schaub discuss 'DC' and UFC judging here:


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