"Listen to DC"- Brendan Schaub says no one has more knowledge than Daniel Cormier regarding MMA judging

Brendan Schaub (left) thinks that Daniel Cormier's opinion should be highly regarded
Brendan Schaub (left) thinks that Daniel Cormier's opinion should be highly regarded
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Brendan Schaub believes there is a judging problem in MMA, a topic that was recently addressed by Daniel Cormier as well. This recently became a huge point of discussion after fans and fighters protested Holly Holm's controversial split decision loss to Ketlen Vieira at UFC Fight Night last Saturday.

One of the many people who believe Holm should've won the fight is former two-division UFC champion and commentator Daniel Cormier. While calling the fight, Cormier was confident Holm had won three of the five rounds but was surprised to hear Vieira declared the winner.

During the latest episode of The Schaub Show, Brendan Schaub spoke about the discrepancy in judges' decisions in MMA. He pointed out that while no fighter wants to leave the outcome of their contest to the judges, sometimes it's not possible to secure a finish because of the level of competition. Noting Daniel Cormier's statements, Schaub stated that nobody has more authority about the proceedings inside the octagon than the former Olympian and two-division UFC champion, and it would serve everyone well to pay attention:

"Listen to DC. He’s literally one of the greatest to ever do it. The guy has been around combat sports. If it’s wrestling or it’s mixed martial arts... since he was a freaking kid. He is an expert. He has a doctorate in mixed martial arts. There’s nobody more educated, more spoken for in the game."

Schaub took it as far as saying that because 'DC' has achieved immense success in his fighting and broadcasting careers, his word should be "the end of the story."

Watch Brendan Schaub talk about MMA judging at 30:44 of the video below:


Daniel Cormier unsure about what he's missing while watching fights

'DC' recently uploaded a YouTube video where he talked about the judges' input on the fight's outcome. This was uploaded in light of the Holly Holm vs. Ketlen Vieira, and Junyong Park vs. Eryk Anders fights last Saturday. Both bouts saw the judges render decisions that were deemed controversial by many.

Daniel Cormier mentioned in his video how he had been wrong about Anders winning the fight when the South Korean was declared the winner. At one point, he shared his honest opinion with the viewers:

"This is where I don't really understand what I'm watching in terms of the fight."

He then elaborated on how both Holm and Anders were controlling their respective fights and went on to lose them. It's fair to assume that someone as experienced as Cormier knows how to analyze a fight and understand control inside the octagon. Perhaps Brendan Schaub is right, and the MMA judges need to listen to 'DC' more in the future.

Watch Daniel Cormier's video below:


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