"I don't care enough about Sean O'Malley" - Daniel Cormier responds to 'Sugar' claiming 'DC' wants to see him lose

Sean O'Malley (left) & Daniel Cormier (right)
Sean O'Malley (left) & Daniel Cormier (right)

Daniel Cormier recently offered his take on a narrative presented by Sean O'Malley, suggesting that 'DC' disliked him and wanted to see him lose.

On the latest episode of The BroMalley Show alongside his brother, O'Malley declared that Cormier wanted to see him lose because he reminded the former UFC champion of his arch-nemesis Jon Jones.

"I think 'DC' and I get along, but it is what it is. I think he truly, deep down, wants to see me lose. For whatever it is. I already said it, it's because I remind him of Jon Jones because I'm 6'6". 'DC' wants to see me lose. It's okay, I'm not mad about it, I get it. I'd want to see me lose too, you know what I mean?"

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While in conversation with Ryan Clark on the latest edition of ESPN MMA's DC & RC, Cormier asserted that he did not care enough about O’Malley to be concerned about his wins or losses.

The former two-division champion reiterated that he likes the rising bantamweight star and even labelled him "a fantastic little fighter."

"I don't care enough about Sean O'Malley to care if he wins or loses because like you said, it doesn't really affect me. I like the kid. I think the kid's a fantastic little fighter. I think he's tough, but the reality is, I got eight championship belts at home... I got eight championship belts at home, Ryan Clark. Like, it's crazy! When we mistake popularity for putting you on the level with someone else, the reality is I don't care if Sean wins or if he loses. I don't want to see a man lose."

Daniel Cormier believes his legacy will last forever, while Sean O'Malley's fame will fade if he doesn't win a title

In the same episode of DC & RC, Daniel Cormier argued that Sean O'Malley's popularity could turn out to be short-lived if he doesn’t win a championship. 'DC' added that his legacy as a former two-division champion is secure, asserting that "legacy will stand the test of time."

"The guys that should address me in that manner are the guys that have stood alongside me, that have done the things that I have done in the game and that will be remembered forever. Because until Sean O'Malley starts to win some championships and get all the way to the top of the game, bro, like, popularity fades, right? Legacy lasts and my legacy will stand the test of time."

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Sean O'Malley currently occupies the No.13 spot in the bantamweight rankings. He will return to the octagon at UFC 276, which will be underway at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 2nd. 'Sugar' will lock horns with No.10-ranked Pedro Munhoz.

O'Malley expects a short night against Munhoz at #UFC276 👊 (via @SugaSeanMMA)

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