"You didn't have to do this" - Beneil Dariush has another message for Elon Musk after UFC 262 call out

UFC 262: Tony Ferguson v Beneil Dariush
UFC 262: Tony Ferguson v Beneil Dariush
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Beneil Dariush has another message for Elon Musk after Tesla finally sorted out the car issues he’d been having.

In the wake of his win over Tony Ferguson at UFC 262, the biggest victory of his mixed martial arts career, Beneil Dariush took the time to call out Tesla and Elon Musk. Dariush claimed he’s been waiting for his wife’s car to arrive for the better part of six months.

Beneil Dariush vs. Elon Musk - a strange rivlary

After the issue was seemingly resolved, Dariush spoke to TMZ Sports about what went down.

“Okay, I do the call out, and some people are like ‘why is he calling out Elon Musk?’. On Saturday night I called Elon out, Sunday morning I started getting all these text messages and emails. I thought at first it was spam, and they were trying to con me - but then it turned out to be the real thing! They wouldn’t stop!"
“We finally got back to them and they were like ‘yeah, come in, we’ll take care of everything’ and I wasn’t sure what that even meant. So we show up to the office and they said ‘okay, so your car is coming but until then, we’re gonna give you a car so you can be comfortable’. I was like, oh my gosh! Let’s go!”

Dariush was then asked if he had an updated message for Elon Musk.

“I appreciate you, you didn’t have to do this, and little things like this mean so much to me because this protects my family and my family means the world to me - so thank you, Elon.”

You can watch the full interview with TMZ here:


Now, Beneil Dariush can his attention turn towards what really matters - his pursuit of the UFC lightweight title.

He’s now ranked in the top five of the UFC lightweight division, riding a seven-fight win streak. If he can win just one more fight, there’s a very good chance he could lock horns with Charles Olvieira for the belt.

Whether or not that all goes down as planned in the next twelve months remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Beneil Dariush is establishing himself as a real contender at 155 pounds.

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