Diana Belbita says UFC featherweight 'helped her the most' when settling in Canada (Exclusive)

Diana Belbita [Left], and Diana Belbita with her teammates [Photo credit: @THE__MONSTER - Twitter]
Diana Belbita [Left], and Diana Belbita with her teammates [Photo credit: @THE__MONSTER - Twitter]

Diana Belbita opened up about moving to Canada in 2019 and noted that a UFC featherweight has been instrumental in making her feel more comfortable and settling in the country.

During an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda MMA, Belbita described her experience getting accustomed to living in Ontario, Canada. She mentioned that her teammate and UFC featherweight Kyle Nelson has helped her a lot with the language barrier and improving her English.

She said:

"Kyle Nelson...He was one of the people that helped me the most. Like, Kyle was like my translator for a while. So he was translating from normal English that people speak to my broken english. He tried to explain me every word using another English word." [7:06 - 7:34]

Obviously, moving to another country and not being familiar with the language can be a difficult experience. But 'The Warrior Princess' noted that she believes that Nelson helped her improve her English and mentioned that her coach didn't want to make it easy for her because it forced her to learn, saying:

"My striking coach...He's Romanian but he just didn't want to make it easy for me. He wanted me to learn English, he wanted me to work for it, and I'm so lucky. I'm blessed to have a lot of people around me that they were helping me with everything." [7:38 - 7:56]

Belbita has made noticeable improvements with her English in part due to Kyle Nelson and continues to gain a lot of popularity as a Canadian.

Check out the full video:


Diana Belbita describes what she goes through during fight week

Fight week can be a hectic time for fighters, especially if there's an increased demand for media obligations, and Diana Belbita recently described what she goes through when approaching her UFC fights.

During the aforementioned interview, 'The Warrior Princess' mentioned that she gets nervous as it pertains to her weight cut and thinks about her fight becoming a reality, saying:

"I'm usually nervous about the weight because I always have to cut a lot of weight...I hope the weather is nice and I can run. So after I land and I go to the hotel and check the gear, that's the moment when I feel like okay, this is getting real now. Now I'm here, there's no way back and all I can do is just make the weight, be ready, and then go there to fight." [4:41 - 5:15]

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