Patellar or quad tendon rupture - Dr. David Abbasi gives medical breakdown of Tom Aspinall's unfortunate knee injury at UFC London

Tom Aspinall injured on the canvas (left) and David Abbasi (right). [Images courtesy: right image from @MirrorFighting Twitter, and left image from David Abbasi's YouTube channel]
Tom Aspinall injured on the canvas (left) and David Abbasi (right). [Images courtesy: right image from @MirrorFighting Twitter, and left image from David Abbasi's YouTube channel]

Tom Aspinall vs. Curtis Blaydes, the main event for UFC Fight Night London, unfortunately came to an anti-climactic end. 15 seconds into the bout, Aspinall went crashing down to the canvas due to a freak injury that stopped the fight in Blaydes' favor.

Aspinall seemingly went down after landing a low-kick on his opponent's leg. In mysterious circumstances such as these, it is hard to gauge the exact nature or extent of the injury. This often prompts dialogue in medical circles.

David Abbasi, an orthopedic surgeon certified in sports medicine who works with multiple professional athletes, was on hand to provide his analysis. He prefaced his analysis with uncertainty as the angles provided by the UFC are not substantial enough to pass judgment.

Abbasi shuffled through multiple angles of the incident and gave his take on Aspinall's injury:

"Thigh kick to Curtis Blaydes, goes down, lot of pain, nothing obvious here. Obviously no obvious fractures, no compound fractures, no open fractures. The side view here, looks like it may have grazed off Curtis Blaydes' knee but that was really the shin. So this back view, look at his kneecap, look at how that kneecap jiggles."

Following his initial analysis, Abbasi arrived at the following conclusion:

"So I think this view in the slow-mo gives the clue potentially. Look at the jiggle of the kneecap, that would be possible if he had a patellar tendon or a quad tendon rupture and eversion of the foot here and then the valgus force on the knee could be consistent with [an] MCL."

Watch the entire breakdown of the mishap in his Twitter post:

Tom Aspinall Knee Injury was NOT CLEARCUT. Here’s my Best attempt of Medical Breakdown of video replays. @bisping @felderpaul Wishing Tom Aspinall a speedy recovery!🔄RT & Share!👇Subscribe- Full YT #UFCLondon #CurtisBlaydes

David Abbasi also clarified clearly via Twitter that it could indeed be a torn patella or quad tendon:

People messaging me if could be torn patella or quad tendon- Yes could be. That could explain "jiggle" of kneecap, and his Inability to straighten his knee after injury. (if one of these has full tendon tear- you can't straighten your knee)

Tom Aspinall will look to bounce back immediately

Following the main event at the O2 Arena that handed Tom Aspinall his first loss in the UFC in the most unprecedented manner, the Englishman will look forward to bouncing back.

Aspinall himself has not revealed more details regarding his injury, but termed it a 'freak accident' in his Instagram post.

Check out the post below:

A wholesome meeting between the two fighters followed an unfortunate fight in what was a class act by Curtis Blaydes. The two shared a beer and buried any animosity that may have stemmed from the fight and its buildup.

Could Tom Aspinall and Curtis Blaydes meet again after their unconventional encounter in the octagon? It certainly looks like a rematch is the way to go.

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