Ebanie Bridges comments on Elle Brooke's "attitude" after split draw with Paige VanZant: "A lot of people could learn"

Elle Brooke (left) and Ebanie Bridges (right) have achieved tremendous success in the influencer realm, besides competing in the sport of boxing as well [Images courtesy: Getty Images]
Elle Brooke (left) and Ebanie Bridges (right) share a strong bond [Images courtesy: Getty Images]

Ebanie Bridges has addressed the Elle Brooke vs. Paige VanZant fight, particularly touching upon her longtime friend Brooke's attitude. 'Blonde Bomber' seemingly believes that people could learn from how Brooke behaved after the match's conclusion.

MFB women's middleweight champion Brooke put her title on the line against former UFC star VanZant (8-5 MMA, 0-1 bare-knuckle boxing) in the headlining match of the MF & DAZN: X Series 15 event on May 25, 2024. The UK's Brooke secured the fight's lone knockdown and retained her title with a split draw at the Misfits Boxing event.

Many believed '12 Gauge's' vast experience would be overwhelming for Brooke, but their fight was ultimately a closely contested affair. During the in-ring post-fight interview, the 30-year-old VanZant lauded Brooke's toughness and called a rematch, something Brooke seems open to.

Meanwhile, Brooke was asked whether, as a champion, she did enough for the draw. She responded by stating:

"I mean, it's one of those things. You have to rewatch it. Because in there, you were getting hit, but you were also hitting. So, it's like, I don't think I'm experienced enough to think, 'Yeah, I'm a hundred percent winning this.' But with the knockdown, I could see me winning it. But I have to watch it back. And I was just saying to Paige, like, 'Wow! We get a big-money rematch.' Like, this is perfect."

Brooke was then questioned if she felt she did enough to mentally unlock and display her skills, to which the model stated:

"Yeah. I think I started strong. But I think Paige is... One of her best assets is she doesn't let a bad round affect the next one. So, I think if anything, she got stronger towards the end of the fight, whereas I probably dipped off."

Moreover, Brooke shook hands with VanZant, and the two boxers appeared to express their respect for one another after what was a grueling five-round showdown.

Check out Elle Brooke's comments below (0:32):

Former IBF women's bantamweight champion Ebanie Bridges put forth a tweet referencing Brooke's in-ring post-fight interview. The Australian fighter and model indicated that she loves her friend's honesty, self-evaluation, and desire to learn. Urging others to take notes from Brooke's attitude, she tweeted:

"I just love @holdthatelle honesty and self assessments and willingness to learn. A lot of people could learn from her attitude."

When Ebanie Bridges claimed Elle Brooke was better than some professional boxers

Over the past few years, Ebanie Bridges and Elle Brooke have trained together and forged a good friendship. In 2023, 'Blonde Bomber' moved from Essex to Leeds, thereby parting ways with Brooke. However, they've seemingly stayed in touch, even partaking in lighthearted banter.

On No Context Sport in 2023, Bridges explained that Brooke was akin to her little sister and that it was tough to leave her. The 37-year-old explained that Brooke works incredibly hard, listens to everything, and is a great learner. She emphasized that the 26-year-old Brooke is a better pugilist than some journeywoman pro boxers. Bridges said:

"Oh, she could definitely turn pro one day. She'd be better than some of the pros that you see, that are kind of like journeywoman pros."

Watch Bridges' assessment below (34:47):


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