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Everything you need to know about MMA fighter Braden Brown

Braden Brown seemingly placing Spencer Jones in a rear-naked choke.
Braden Brown seemingly placing Spencer Jones in a rear-naked choke.
Prathik John
Modified 23 Feb 2021

Trained MMA fighter Braden Brown is receiving praise, as well as criticism, after slipping into an altercation with Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Spencer Jones. In what started as a verbal confrontation that quickly changed into a full-blown physical assault, the brawl left Jones gravely injured and hospitalized.

On February 19th, a video surfaced online that soon went on to become viral. In it, red senior Spencer Jones is seen seemingly probing Braden Brown and his claimed-to-be brother into a fight. Jones is heard using expletives, forcing Brown to leave the area before one of the former's guys is seen shoving Brown's brother. The situation instantly escalates with Braden Brown landing a flurry of punches before taking Jones down to the ground.

Here is video footage of the incident:

Following the incident, Jones received medical attention from Oklahoma's trainers before being shifted to the hospital in Norman city. At the hospital, Jones was subject to a four-hour elaborate facial reconstruction surgery. Citing the incident, this is what Jones' attorney, Woody Glass had to say:

“Dr. Brooks came out of that surgery saying he’s extraordinarily lucky at this point, that he’s lucky he didn’t lose the eye altogether. And so he was able to do some things surgically to rebuild that orbital socket and thinks everything is eventually going to come back to normal, but it’s going to take a while for him to fully recover.”

Glass also disclosed that Jones tried to keep his peace before Braden Brown lunged at him. However, the person identified as Brown in the video is seem wiping off a bloody nose before the fight broke out. In his defense, Braden Brown took to his Twitter to post this:

Here is what Glass further said about the incident:

“He was trying to de-escalate that situation. But unfortunately, it wasn’t de-escalated despite his best efforts, and he became the victim of this vicious assault you’ve seen.”

Who is Braden Brown?

In his public statement on social media, Braden Brown spoke about him and his apparent brother training in MMA since they were little. Although not much else is known about any professional MMA experience, the video is a grim reminder of the downside to fighting outside the octagon.

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Published 23 Feb 2021, 17:16 IST
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