Exclusive: Bryce Mitchell on Floyd Mayweather - "I just wanna fight Floyd because he's real sassy"

"There could be a storm brewing"- Bryce Mitchell
"There could be a storm brewing"- Bryce Mitchell
Soumik Datta
Modified 30 Oct 2020

This weekend at UFC Vegas 12, Bryce Mitchell will be returning to the Octagon and upon his comeback, Thug Nasty will also wear the Rebook camo shorts for the very first time.

In the lead-up to Bryce Mitchell's fight against Andre Fili, Sportskeeda had the opportunity to catch up with the 15th ranked featherweight as part of the UFC Vegas 12 virtual media day. During the conversation, Mitchell discussed his desire to fight Floyd Mayweather, the car commercial he recently released, and also the very popular camo shorts he's finally about to wear.

Bryce Mitchell on finally getting his camo shorts

Bryce Mitchell has been vocal about wanting to wear camo shorts inside the Octagon. So much so, Thug Nasty also prepared himself to cause a brawl with the UFC security but this weekend, Mitchell will finally wear his customized camo shorts, and briefly discussed the feeling is like.

"It's a dream come true. It's a really big deal for me and I'm really glad it happened the way it did and I couldn't be any happier about it."- Bryce Mitchell.

Bryce Mitchell preferring to fight in the empty arenas

In the past, Bryce Mitchell said that he preferred fighting in the empty arenas and also discussed the benefits of it.

"I like fighting in the empty arenas because I can hear my coaches and I can hear his coaches. And, I just like being able to hear what my coaches have to say, a lot better versus not being able to hear him."- Bryce Mitchell added.

Bryce Mitchell on his recent car commercial and Dana White's amazing reaction to it

Bryce Mitchell recently starred in a car commercial, which also caught the attention of UFC President Dana White. Thug Nasty thought it was really cool that White took note of the commercial.

"I thought it was really cool, the car commercial. And you know, I hoped that other people liked it too and that was the goal of it, trying to just make something funny that people wanted to watch, even if they didn't want to buy a car. You know, I just watned people to watch it just because they thought it was funny and I'm glad that a lot of people did think it was."- Bryce Mitchell.

Bryce Mitchell's goal is to fight Floyd Mayweather

When asked about having the desired opponent that he wants to face, Bryce Mitchell said that his goal is to fight Floyd Mayweather.

"Oh besides Floyd? Nah, I've no prefereces, I just wanna fight Floyd because he's real sassy and he's got a bad little attitude and he just needs attitude adjustment and I think I might be the guy to do that."- Bryce Mitchell added.

Mitchell further added that he has no preferred opponent from his own division, despite labeling everyone as extremely talented opponents.

"No preference, I mean, I think that they're all extremely good fighters and hard match-ups, tough match-ups and I'd be willing to fight any of them."

He admitted that he would be okay with fighting anyone from his division.

Published 30 Oct 2020
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