"Exorcisms are real" - Bryce Mitchell details bizarre account of chaotic home interaction with a 'person possessed by demons'

Bryce Mitchell
Bryce Mitchell (Image credits: @ufc on Twitter)

Bryce Mitchell has opened up about an interaction with a 'person possessed by demons'.

Exorcism has been a sensitive topic for centuries. While some people don't believe in it, others believe the practice is real and it helps evict demons from a person or an area.

Speaking about this during a recent interview on the official YouTube channel of UFC Fight Pass, Mitchell recalled how he was once in an argument with a person who was possessed by demons. He said:

"Exorcisms are real. Well, I was in an argument with a person possessed by demons and I didn't know what to do."

Mitchell further revealed how he recalled his mother's teachings to get the person to leave his house. He added:

“I’d invited this person into my home and they were destroying it and they were possessed and I was witnessing a full-blown possession, something that I never believed in and I instantly reverted back to my roots. I was raised by my mother who always taught me the word of Jesus…..And I said, ‘In the name of Jesus Christ I command all evil to leave,’ and just like that, the possessed person was gone. They walked right out of the door.”

Catch his comments in the video below (10:22):


Bryce Mitchell's house was vandalized by his ex-girlfriend

As Bryce Mitchell gears up for his bout against Dan Ige later this weekend, his house was broken into by his ex-girlfriend. The UFC featherweight took to X (formerly Twitter) to reveal the same and he accused his former partner of breaking into his farmhouse in Searcy, Arkansas.

In the video, Mitchell also expressed concern for the safety of his wife and the farm animals and urged his neighbors to help him. He said:

"So I'm out of town for my fight and my coward ex-girlfriend came by my house and vandalized my house today. She destroyed all of my fruit trees. I'm making this post because this sh*t is evil, and I'm begging the community of Searcy to help me. I'm outta town and my animals and my wife is at home by herself. I please I need my neighbors to help."

Catch his comments in the video below:

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