Bryce Mitchell’s Girlfriend

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Bryce Mitchell’s Girlfriend
Source: Official Instagram Account of Bryce Mitchell

NameErin Handlow
ProfessionMarketing Specialist
Birth Place-
BoyfriendBryce Mitchell

Bryce Andrew Mitchell is a professional mixed martial artist from the United States who competes in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He gained recognition as a participant in the reality TV series "The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated." As of December 2023, he holds the #10 rank in the UFC featherweight rankings.

Despite being a public figure, Mitchell maintains a low profile, and little is known about his personal life. However, he occasionally shares glimpses of his life outside of the octagon on social media. Mitchell has been seen in pictures with a woman named Erin Handlow, who is presumably his partner. The couple takes care of their farm together and has several domestic animals.

Who is Bryce Michell’s girlfriend?

Erin Handlow is the girlfriend of professional mixed martial artist Bryce Mitchell. She has an extensive background in marketing and management. Handlow started her career at Acutran in 2012, a company that specializes in electrical transformers, before moving on to Superior Petroleum Company, where she worked as a sales associate for over two years.

After her time there, she worked as a property manager for Five Mile Development Group, which focuses on revitalizing land in and around the Pittsburgh area. Handlow then became a wholesale manager at Hillcrest Distributing, which is located in Lower Burrell, according to her LinkedIn profile.

However, it is more likely that she worked for Hillcrest Beer Distribution. She worked there for two years before joining Commercial Built Construction in 2017, where she currently works as a marketing specialist.

How old is Bryce Mitchell's Girlfriend?

Bryce Mitchell's girlfriend, Erin Handlow's age, cannot be verified from any reliable sources due to a well-kept layer of secrecy surrounding her personal life.

Bryce Mitchell's Girlfriend's Net Worth

The exact evaluation of Bryce Mitchell's girlfriend's wealth and assets is not accessible. Her professional as well as private life is largely kept from the public eye.

Bryce Mitchell's Girlfriend's Height and Age

Bryce Mitchell's girlfriend's height and age are not known, due to little to no information about her personal details in the public domain.

What does Bryce Mitchell's girlfriend do for a living?

Bryce Mitchell's girlfriend, Erin Howland, started her professional life as a technical recruiter at Compu Group, following which she switched to Acutran. She then took on the responsibilities of a sales manager at the Five Mile Developmental Group. Howland is a marketing specialist at Commercial Built Construction LLC in her current professional stint.

How long have Bryce Mitchell and Erin Handlow been dating?

Bryce Mitchell and Erin Handlow have been in a relationship for over a year now, having started dating in August 2022. Mitchell made their relationship public on August 14, when he posted a photo of himself kissing Handlow on his Instagram handle.

The post included a picture of Handlow's pet dog, Lou, whom Mitchell referred to as a "cute pet guard dog." Mitchell has since become close to Lou, often posting photos and videos of them together on social media. In addition to Lou, Mitchell owns two dogs and a cat and has made sure that they all get along well. In one video, Lou even beat Mitchell's smallest dog, Tatter. The couple and their pets received an early Christmas present from Mitchell's friend, Dr. Ross, who sent them a box of puppy treats.

Handlow has met Mitchell's family and spent Thanksgiving with them. Mitchell shared a photo of himself, Handlow, and his dad on Instagram. Recently, the couple attended an event organized by ArCare, an elderly care residence. Mitchell described the event as "fancy," but opted for a simple shirt and jeans, while Handlow wore a stylish thigh-high slit dress.

Who was Bryce Mitchell's ex-girlfriend?

Since a recent video on X (Twitter) showed Bryce Mitchell and his ex-girlfriend getting into a furious argument, Kish Jones, who is Bryce Mitchell's ex-girlfriend, is currently trending. But "Thug Nasty" also posted a now-deleted video on his Instagram a few days ago that conveyed an entirely different story. Surprisingly, the 28-year-old claimed that the video showed his ex-girlfriend committing a series of horrible crimes.

The now-deleted Instagram post by Mitchell included a line about being afraid for his life. But it wasn't the only charge Michell brought against Kish Jones. Instagram users who follow "Thug Nasty" are likely aware of the fact that he spends a lot of time tending to his farm's animals and horticulture.

Mitchell said in a now-deleted Instagram video that Jones, had destroyed all the "fruit trees" he had "worked on for years." Additionally, he called her "evil" and urged his followers not to go to her tattoo shop "on Booth Street." As he went on, Mitchell expressed his concerns about the potential harm that his ex-girlfriend would do to him in the future.

The majority of fans could find Mitchell's remarks to be quite disturbing. Then, 'The Arkansas Native' went on to say that Kish Jones "threatened to kill" his pets before killing him and his current girlfriend, Erin.

How many children do Bryce Mitchell and Erin Howland have?

Bryce Mitchell and Erin Howland don't have any kids as of December 2023; however,Bryce Mitchell revealed in a recent interview that the couple is all set to welcome their first baby in a few months.

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Who is Bryce Mitchell's girlfriend?

Erin Handlow is Bryce Mitchell's girlfriend, a marketing specialist from the United States.

How long have Bryce Mitchell and Erin Handlow been dating?

They have been dating for over a year, starting in August 2022.

Who was Bryce Mitchell's ex-girlfriend?

Bryce Mitchell's ex-girlfriend is Kish Jones, who has been involved in a recent controversy with Mitchell.

What is Erin Handlow's profession?

Erin Handlow is a marketing specialist with a background in marketing and management.

What is Bryce Mitchell's current ranking in the UFC featherweight division?

As of September 2023, Bryce Mitchell holds the #10 rank in the UFC featherweight rankings.