Tyson Fury's Family

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Tyson Fury is one of the best heavyweight boxers in modern boxing. Current holder of the WBC title, and former IBF, WBA, Ring, IBO, WBO and lineal titles, he’s reached the epitome of boxing. The Gypsy King is truly a ruler in the ring, beating every opponent who dares to step in with him.

He isn’t the only boxer in his family, though. Fighting runs in the Fury family, and nearly every family member is involved in some form of the sport. His father, John Fury was a bare knuckle fighter who also had a brief professional boxing career.

His brothers Tommy, Shane, and John Jr all have had time inside the ring. Even his cousins Joshua Frankham and Hughie Fury have professional careers in boxing. The Gypsy King might be the best of the lot, but this is one family where almost every member knows how to throw a punch.

In addition to their similarity in the ring, the brothers are known for another thing outside the ring: their similarities in partners. Almost all of them are dating, or married to stunning blondes. It seems that all the siblings have a similar type, which is evident in this photo of the various S/o’s posing together when they met to watch his fight against Deontay Wilder in 2020.

Tyson Fury and his brother's partners

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Who is Tyson Fury’s wife?

Tyson Fury is married To Paris Fury. He met her at a wedding when she was just 15 years old. Like him, she is also from a traveler descent. According to Tyson, She’s been the bedrock in his life and helped him through his tough times with alcohol and pill abuse. She’s even helped him back from the brink of suicide, stopping him from killing himself when he was going through deep depression, at the time the world thought he was the top off the boxing world.

When asked about the difficulties they went through in that period, Paris said “Tyson never quit on me and the children, and we didn’t quit on him. We’re together and we’re going through it together as a team.” The pair have 5 children together, Prince John James, Venezuela, Prince Tyson Fury II, Valencia Amber and Prince Adonis Amaziah.

When talking about his marriage to Paris, Tyson said it was like boxing. "Boxing is like a marriage - you have to work at it. You do fall in and out of love. But I have spiced it back up again, bought her some sexy lingerie and we are back at it, better than ever."

Who is Tommy Fury’s girlfriend?

Tommy Fury with his girlfriend

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Tommy Fury is Tyson’s younger half brother. Also a professional boxer, he’s considered a prodigy by many, and currently boasts an undefeated record in the light heavyweight category. While he hasn’t piled up the number of achievements his brother has, he has a long career ahead of him, and at the rate he’s going, is on track for a title in the future.

In addition to boxing, he also sometimes stars in reality television shows. It was here, in season 5 of the dating show Love Island that he met his current girlfriend, influencer/model Molly-Mae Hague. The pair have been dating since 2019, and are still going strong.

Both share a love for expensive designer clothing and a glam lifestyle, as is evident from their multiple posts on Instagram showing off their lifestyle. Molly also shares interests with Paris Fury, from their love of blown up blonde curls to choice of clothing and their general aesthetic.

Who is Hughie Fury’s wife?

Tiffany Fury is another blonde Fury with a love for blow-dried hairstyles and a glam lifestyle with luxury holidays and designer clothes. She’s racked up quite a following on Instagram through her many posts chronicling her luxury lifestyle. When travelling to Vegas in 2020 with Molly Mae and Paris Fury, the three travelled first class, sharing lots of snaps from the journey.

Hughie Fury's wife

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Who is John Fury Jr’s wife?

Definitely the most reclusive amongst all the significant others in the fury family, John Jr is married to Shirelle Fury. Not as much is known about her as the others because she rarely takes to social media. When she does, however, it’s usually photos of her children or husband. She does seem to like the glam look just like the others, however. When going to Vegas in 2020, she made sure to take photos with the others dolled up in a black and white dress with heels and styled hair.

Who is Shane Fury’s wife?

The only non blonde among the lot, Shane’s wife Helen is the only brunette wife in the family. That doesn’t change the fact that she gets along extremely well with the others. She can often be found With Paris, fine dining in fancy restaurants or going out for drinks.

While she doesn’t have an Instagram of her own, she frequently appears in the others’ posts. Her husband Shane often makes YouTube videos featuring the family, but the pair are the most private among the fury couples. They’re usually only seen when Paris posts pictures of them on her Instagram, because they like keeping their relationship private.

Fury Family

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The Fury family have come together from all sorts of places and backgrounds. However, they are a tight knit bunch, and always support each other.

This was obvious in Vegas last year, when the entire family flew out to Vegas to cheer Tyson on in his fight. From the looks of it, this is a family that will be close for generations to come.

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