Tyson Fury's Children

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The Gypsy King needs no introductions. Two time heavyweight world champion, and current holder of the WBC title, Tyson Fury is one of the best in the sport today. The 31-year-old has been fighting professionally since 2008 and has racked up an impressive 30-0-1 record.

He’s never lost a fight either, and the only possible stain on his career is a split draw against Deontay Wilder in 2018. Fury has since defeated Wilder in a rematch and established himself as the king of boxing today.

Tyson Fury with his wife Paris Fury and children

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How many children does Tyson Fury have?

As with all ageing kings, there are princes to the throne. The Gypsy king is no different. He and his wife Paris Fury come from a line of travelers, and are proud of their culture and traditions. They have five children today, but may have more in the future.

According to Paris, “Tyson has said he wants 10 kids and I'd be happy with that.” So chances are their family may grow soon. For now though, these are the names of Fury’s 5 children.

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Tyson Fury Children

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Venezuela Fury

Tyson Fury daughter Venezuela Fury

Source: The Sun

The eldest of the children, Venezuela, is currently 10 years old. According to Fury, the name Venezuela came to him in a dream. “One night, while I was sleeping, I thought of Venezuela,” he told The Guardian.

When asked about why his children have such unusual names, he said, “My wife is called Paris. I'm Tyson and [gesturing to his son] he's called Prince John James. If the girl had a normal name it wouldn't fit in, would it?”

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Prince John James

Tyson Fury Son Prince John James

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The second of the five, Prince John James is the eldest son, at 8 years old. Like his brothers, all the Fury sons have the first name prince. When asked about this, Fury said, ““I'm a king and they're princes until they earn their rightful name,” referring to his nickname, the Gypsy King.

When asked why he chose the name John James, he said, “I wanted to call the boy Patrick but the wife didn't want it.”

Paris overheard this line during the interview, and she quickly forced Tyson to reveal the real name he’d wanted for their eldest son - one she immediately ruled out.

“Jesus,” he responded. “Jesus Fury.

“I like that name. A lot of Mexicans are called Jesus.”

John is also the first of the Fury children to follow in his father’s footsteps. The elder Fury has posted pictures of his son wearing boxing gloves with a replica championship belt around his waist, flexing for the camera. From the looks of it, John is ready to one day become the next Gypsy King in the ring.

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Prince Tyson Fury II

Tyson Fury Son Prince Tyson Fury II

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The second Fury son, Prince Tyson Fury II is named after his father. Not much is known about the currently four-year-old, except that he is due to start school soon.

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Valencia Amber

Tyson Fury Daughter Valencia Amber

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The younger Fury daughter, Valencia Amber is a three year old. Like her other siblings, not much is known about her, because the Fury family are extremely careful about the information they share about their children.

Adonis Amaziah

Tyson Fury Daughter Adonis Amaziah

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Tyson Fury's youngest child

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The youngest of the Fury children, little Adonis was born in 2019. The twelve-month-old has a name that is undoubtedly unique. The name Adonis seeks its roots in the bible, and likely means “god’s blessing.” The Fury family is quite religious, however, and it’s possible the name could mean “ruler” or “lord.”

In February 2021, The Gypsy king revealed that his wife Paris was pregnant with a sixth child. Not much is known about the baby, but both parents are positive about the new addition to the family.

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