"F**k your dad, too" - Nate Diaz bashes Jake Paul for influencing 'island gay boys' as Derek from Betr repeats disrespect at Paul vs Diaz presser

Nate Diaz (left) Jake Paul (right) [Image courtesy @jakepaul @natediaz209 on Instagram]
Nate Diaz (left) Jake Paul (right) [Image courtesy @jakepaul @natediaz209 on Instagram]

In an intense moment during the recent Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz press conference, the UFC legend blasted the social media influencer for misbehavior from one of his employees.

During a preceding media event, Derek Sullivan from Paul's betting platform, Betr, had claimed that he could take on Diaz's brother Nick in boxing. At this week's press conference, Sullivan continued his disrespectful ways by proclaiming that Diaz would get knocked out by Paul.

Enraged by the offensive comment, the former UFC athlete delivered a stark warning to Sullivan in a rant-filled outlash while also taking aim at Jake Paul and his father:

"Hey, bring this little b***h up here. Get him the f**k out here. They are lacking respect, all the p*****s in your f*****g fa****s camp motherf***r. That's the problem... This guy is influencing the f*****g Island gay boys because they are mother f****s like you b*tch. You are the f*****g bad guy, and this little f**k right here needs his a** whipped. And f**k your dad too, how about that."

Hilariously enough, Diaz and Paul's father were nothing but courteous mere hours before the presser. Funny how things change so fast.

Nate Diaz and Jake Paul are scheduled to lock horns in the ring on Saturday, August 5, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Although Diaz has an extensive resume in MMA, this will be the first time he'll be lacing up the gloves as a professional boxer.

Paul vs. Diaz: Dustin Poirier picks Jake Paul to win over Nate Diaz

Former UFC interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier believes influencer boxer Jake Paul has the upper hand against Nate Diaz in their upcoming boxing clash.

During a recent media segment, 'The Diamond' detailed that while Diaz's stand-up works well in MMA, the Stockton native might have a hard time translating his skill set to pure boxing:

"Nate does have good boxing, but it's unorthodox, and it works well for MMA, small gloves, pitty-pat punches, and in that range. With Boxing gloves, things are different. Timing is different, [the] range is a little bit different, and Jake is a big athletic young kid. If I had to put money on it, I would put it on Jake... All it takes is one punch from a guy like that, you know, [a guy] that size."

Watch Poirier's prediction below:


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