"For me it was Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre" - Chael Sonnen disagrees with Michael Bisping naming Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson as the biggest fight to never happen

Chael Sonnen (left), Anderson Silva (middle) and Georges St-Pierre (right)
Chael Sonnen (left), Anderson Silva (middle) and Georges St-Pierre (right)
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Expressing his disagreement with Michael Bisping, Chael Sonnen named Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva as the biggest UFC fight to never materialize.

'The Count' recently released a video to his YouTube channel. In it, he named Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Tony Ferguson as the biggest matchup in the UFC to never come to fruition. He had 'The Spider' vs. 'Rush' in second place.

However, Sonnen does not share the same sentiment as Bisping. According to 'The American Gangster', Silva vs. St-Pierre was the biggest fight that eluded MMA fans.

Sonnen stated that a fight between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson was booked on five separate occasions but it never came to frutition. However, in the case of Silva vs. St-Pierre, the conversation might not even have gotten started.

"For me, it was Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre. I think that was the fight that got away. Those two never touched each other... I think you guys are gonna agree with me St-Pierre versus Anderson... probably gets a 'wow' factor... St-Pierre vs. Anderson, I don't know if they [UFC matchmakers] so much as shook hands [for that fight]."

You can watch Sonnen talk about the matchup below:


Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva ruled their respective divisions for years

Both Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva are hailed as the greatest UFC fighters in their respective divisions. Both individuals won the UFC title and went on to defend it numerous times against very high-level competition.

'Rush' was a part of 14 UFC championship fights in the welterweight division and was victorious in 12 of them. During his run in the promotion, the 41-year-old defeated various top athletes. They include Nick Diaz, Carlos Condit, Johny Hendricks, B.J. Penn, Matt Hughes, Dan Hardy, Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch and Jake Shields.

Silva, on the other hand, was part of 13 middleweight title fights and got his hand raised in 11 of them. During his stint in the UFC, Silva also got the better of some big names. They include Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Demian Maia, Forrest Griffin, Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin, Nate Marquardt and Chris Leben.

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