Former UFC fighter reveals only scenario which would make Dana White fix the judging system

UFC president Dana White
UFC president Dana White [Image via Getty]

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub touched upon "the only" scenario that he believes would prompt Dana White to address and rectify the issues with the judging system.

The UFC's judging system has come under intense scrutiny recently, as questionable scoring decisions have left the MMA community perplexed and, in some cases, outraged.

A notable example of this occurred during the recent main event of UFC Vegas 74, featuring Kai Kara-France and Amir Albazi, which concluded in a highly controversial manner. Despite the judges awarding Albazi a split decision victory, the overwhelming sentiment among fans and media was that Kara-France should have been declared the rightful winner.

Check out the official scorecard below:

Brendan Schaub highlighted the promotion's ongoing judging system issue while targeting UFC president Dana White. During a recent episode of Thiccc Boy podcast, 'Big Brown' stated:

"The only time you're gonna get a change when Dana White's enough. But to Dana, he's putting out other fires, dealing with other business or he's just like 'we're just making money, who give's a sh*t about the judging.' Trust me if it became such a problem, which it is, it became such an issue where they started losing money trust me you'd have a change in judging by next week."

Check out Schaub's comments below:


Dana White blasts Jared Gordon for the elimination from UFC Vegas 74

During the post-fight press conference for UFC Vegas 74, Dana White voiced his dissatisfaction regarding Jared Gordon's sudden withdrawal from the event.

Gordon had cited the shocking discovery of a concussion just two days prior to his scheduled fight against Jim Miller as the reason for his decision. The UFC president openly expressed his frustration with Gordon's situation, emphasizing his discontentment with the circumstances:

"When you come in here on press day, and you announce that you had a concussion six weeks ago, and you healed yourself from the concussion, you’re done. We’re not going to let you fight with a [concussion]; yeah, we pulled them because he should have told us that six weeks ago."

He added:

"You should have shown at least the company and your opponent some respect, and at least did that six weeks ago. You’re not a f*cking doctor. You didn’t cure yourself from a concussion. You have to be honest when you get injuries."

Check out Dana White's comments below:


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