"I want a big fight" - Gilbert Burns angles for matchup with Jorge Masvidal or Colby Covington, respectfully aims to 'beat the sh**' out of 'Gamebred'

Jorge Masvidal (left), Gilbert Burns (center), Colby Covington (right) (Images via Getty)
Jorge Masvidal (left), Gilbert Burns (center), Colby Covington (right) (Images via Getty)
Ryan Harkness

Gilbert Burns is hoping he can channel the momentum from his Fight of the Year performance against Khamzat Chimaev to earn himself another big fight against Jorge Masvidal or Colby Covington.

Burns already took over as UFC matchmaker on social media, calling out Masvidal and getting a positive reaction from 'Gamebred.' Now he feels like he just has to wait for a date from his bosses at the UFC. In an interview with MMA Underground, Burns said:

"I want a big fight. I want to fight Jorge Masvidal, I think that's the fight that they gonna make it. Like I said, I have tremendous respect for Jorge, guy's got over 50 fights, crazy knockouts, fought in the streets. That's the fight I want, I still believe we're going to put on a show and I can beat the s*** out of him ... If something happen and Masvidal can't make it I'm not going to say no to a fight, you know? Like I said, I want a big fight. I want Colby or Masvidal, but if those guys not available ... sometimes I might give an opportunity for these guys if they have nothing lined up by then."

He added:

"I know [Masvidal] wants it, I saw him talking, he talk about the fight, he wants the fight. I know the UFC has interest in making that fight. I'm pretty confident the fight is going to happen."

Watch the full interview with Gilbert Burns below:


Jorge Masvidal did accept the fight over Twitter and re-affirmed his interest in fighting Gilbert Burns during a recent interview with The MMA Hour. The big question is whether he'll be able to fight in the fall given his current legal situation. 'Gamebred' is set to go to court at the end of August to defend himself against a serious felony battery charge which could result in jail time.

✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 Over 50 fights! Crazy knockouts! Last losses was for the champ and the n1 contender! Heal up let’s make this happen! @GamebredFighter

Gilbert Burns reveals the injury that's keeping him out of the cage until fall

Gilbert Burns has repeatedly called for a fight sometime in the fall, and that's because he is still recovering from an injury sustained in his fight against Khamzat Chimaev. Burns told MMA Underground:

"I have a little small procedure on my hand, I have a little fracture on my tendon, thank God it was just the tendon, hand wasn't broke. Everything is good now. I can slowly go back to punching. Doctor give me ten more days til I can go full blown on my hand and I believe September can be a good day. But if they're going to push a little bit, October, beginning of November I might wait. After that I'm not waiting any more, you know? I wanna get one more fight this year. If the Masvidal fight is taking too long I'm gonna pass. But that's the fight that I want."

Fortunately for fans, every fight involving Gilbert Burns is an entertaining one. It will be exciting to see who he gets matched up with next.

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