Has Jorge Masvidal signed a new UFC contract?

Jorge Masvidal (right) from | back images from Jorge Masvidal's IG
Jorge Masvidal (right) from | back images from Jorge Masvidal's IG
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Jorge Masvidal has reportedly inked a huge fresh deal with the UFC.

Since recording the fastest knockout in UFC history, Masvidal has become one of the promotion's pay-per-view superstars. This year could be another fruitful year for 'Gamebred' as he opens it up with a main event bout at UFC 272 against Colby Covington.

On top of that, Masvidal recently announced that he has signed a new contract with the UFC. On his official Twitter account, he wrote:

“Thank you Hunter Campbell and @danawhite and my team @malkikawa @Abraham_kawa and @FirstRoundMgmt for making sure my kids will never go hungry again."

Check out the tweet below:

Thank you Hunter Cambell and @danawhite and my team @malkikawa @Abraham_kawa and @FirstRoundMgmt for making sure my kids will never go hungry again #blessed

The UFC's 'BMF' apparently did not just sign a usual contract extension with the company. According to First Round Management's Malki Kawa, Jorge Masvidal's new fight contract has made him one of the top 3 highest-paid UFC fighters at present.

Check out the tweet below:

New fight contract that makes jorge top 3 highest paid in ufc. Good work team! Thank you @ufc and hunter Campbell specifically for working on this contract with us. #ppvmonster #baseguarantees #top3…

Jorge Masvidal vows beef with Colby Covington is real and will continue even after UFC 272

The drama behind UFC 272: Covington vs. Masvidal has made it one of the most much-awaited pay-per-view events this year. While some think that Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington are just trying to sell the fight, 'Gamebred' insists that the feud is as real as it gets.

Both former UFC welterweight title contenders have been firing shots at one another leading up to the fight. The pair were at each other's throats during their face-off at the pre-fight press conference.

Watch the video below:


Masvidal and Covington used to be the best of friends and even lived together as roommates in the past. However, as per 'Gamebred', 'Chaos' has already crossed the line several times now and therefore it's impossible to bury the hatchet.

In a recent interview with The New York Post, he said:

"If I saw Colby right now, anywhere, I would beat the f–-ing s--t out of him. You can put that into whatever perspective you want... If someone’s making fun of me, no hard feelings. [Say] whatever you want to say about me, but what do my kids have to do with it exactly? Tell me, because if you think that’s going to strike a nerve or you think that’s going to sell more pay-per-views, whatever it is, it’s a scumbag move. So, the only hatchet I’m burying with Colby is in his f–-ing neck."

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