Why did Hasbulla get arrested? Size of his handcuffs leads hilarious meme army

Credits (L-R) - @ScaryCheese_ , @AValdezIV , @HasbullaHive on Twitter
Credits (L-R) - @ScaryCheese_ , @AValdezIV , @HasbullaHive on Twitter

Internet sensation Hasbulla was recently arrested in Dagestan for violating traffic rules while celebrating his friend's wedding.

Being the huge celebrity that he is, it did not take long for the meme army to come up with some rather 'interesting' takes with even more 'interesting' depictions of the same.

The one theme that rose to be a fan favorite was the one addressing the size of the celebrity's handcuffs. Here are some of the most viral memes to come out of the incident:

@ScaryScheese_ on Twitter related the endearingly called 'Mini Khabib's' arrest to a specific scene from the children's show Spongebob Squarepants:

The amount of creativity on the internet never fails to amaze one:

Some memes with different themes also emerged out of his arrest:

Fans point to Hasbulla's videos of rash driving after arrest

Many fans deemed Hasbulla's recent arrest inevitable as they pointed to numerous past videos of the Dagestani enjoying the thrill of a good drive. Many reposted the videos to indicate just why the arrest did not come as a surprise:

Another trend that seems to have caught on with mega-celebrities also associated this recent arrest, with a recycled version of 'Free Andrew Tate'.

As we await further updates on the case, it's guaranteed that the internet will continue to conjure up hilarious takes on the incident.

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