"He wasn’t just being a samurai" - Jamahal Hill claims Jiri Prochazka didn't vacate the belt out of his own free will 

Jamahal Hlil (left) [image courtesy of @sweet_dreams_jhill/Instagram]; Jiri Prochazka (right) [image courtesy of @jirkaprochazka/Instagram]
Jamahal Hlil (left) [image courtesy of @sweet_dreams_jhill/Instagram]; Jiri Prochazka (right) [image courtesy of @jirkaprochazka/Instagram]

Jiri Prochazka is set to face Alex Pereira for the vacant UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 295 this weekend. 'Denisa' previously held the belt before vacating it due to a shoulder injury. Jamahal Hill, who claimed the title afterwards and has since vacated it due to a torn Achilles, recently revealed that the UFC may have been behind the No.1-ranked light heavyweight's decision to vacate.

Speaking to Damon Martin of MMA Fighting, 'Sweet Dreams' was asked if he wanted to hold onto the title after his injury:

"Originally when it happened, that was my first thought, but the thing is they had a deal already in place with Jiri. Jiri didn’t just vacate his title. He wasn’t just being a samurai and vacating his title. It was heavily suggested."

Hill continued:

"There was a deal made where he would fight for it upon his return. So whenever you get me and then I get hurt, we were supposed to fight, now I have the belt, and he’s promised a title fight. It was just kind of right to do the same thing."

Check out Jamahal Hill's full interview with MMA Fighting below:

Hill shared that he has been promised a title fight upon his return. He added that he will receive the same champion purse and pay-per-view points that he would have received if he was holding the belt. 'Sweet Dreams' revealed that he is planning to make his return to the octagon in the second quarter of 2024.

Jamahal Hill shares how he believes Jiri Prochazka can reclaim title at UFC 295

Jiri Prochazka will make his return to the octagon after nearly a year and a half of inactivity when he faces Alex Pereira at UFC 295 this weekend. Jamahal Hill, who will vacate the light heavyweight title ahead of the bout, revealed how he believes 'Denisa' can win the bout. Speaking to Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith of the Believe You Me podcast, 'Sweet Dreams' stated:

"I think physically, Jiri will be the more physical, more physically strong fighter. I think Jiri has more MMA experience. I think if he can use his unorthodox-ness to, instead of trying to strike, to actually get in and mix and be rounded around in mixed martial arts, clinch him up, beat him up in the clinch, drag him to the ground, I think that’d more so be his best way, making it an all-round mixed martial arts fight."

Check out Jamahal Hill's comments on Jiri Prochazka vs. Alex Pereira below (starting at the 47:36 mark):


After vacating the title due to his Achilles injury, Hill will face the winner of the bout next year. He has shared, however, that he is hoping to face both Jiri Prochazka and Alex Pereira at some point.

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