How did Floyd Mayweather meet Shantel Jackson?

Floyd Mayweather (Left) Shantel Jackson (Right) [Image credits: @missjackson on Instagram]
Floyd Mayweather (Left) Shantel Jackson (Right) [Image credits: @missjackson on Instagram]

'Money' Floyd Mayweather met his ex-fiance Shantel Jackson in 2006. The then-21-year-old Jackson was working as a hostess in Atlanta.

The two spent years together and got engaged in 2010. However, in 2014, the relationship between Floyd Mayweather and Shantel Jackson ended on a nasty note. The two threw various allegations at each other, bringing a lot of media spotlight into their lives.

Floyd Mayweather accused Shantel jackson of illegally recording him

Mayweather and Jackson filed cases against each other after splitting up. While Shantel Jackson accused 'Money' of stealing and abuse, the former multi-divisional world boxing champion accused Jackson of fraudulent use of his credit card and other offenses.

He also alleged that Jackson had illegally recorded him on phone calls and in physical presence. He stated:

"Jackson intentionally used one or more recording devices to surreptitiously record conversations with Mayweather including telephonic conversations and conversations in the presence of one another without Mayweather’s knowledge or consent. At least some of Jackson’s surreptitious tapings were recorded while Mayweather and Jackson were engaged to be married but Jackson, unbeknownst to Mayweather, was attempting to construct a lawsuit against Mayweather should she decide she preferred its potential to a potential marriage."

Shantel Jackson has admitted she recorded Floyd Mayweather. According to Yahoo! Entertainment, Shantel Jackson's team responded with the following statement:

She [Shantel Jackson] admits recording Mayweather but says it was because she, “reasonably believed that she was obtaining evidence relating” to the crimes of extortion “and/or felonies involving violence against her and/or domestic violence.”

As Jackson would reveal, the recordings were for reacquiring jewels worth $3 million that Floyd Mayweather took back after the couple split.

Jackson had sued Floyd for theft of the same back in 2014 when the couple originally went their separate ways. She also sued Floyd Mayweather for battery, invasion of privacy, assault and defamation.

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