"I'm going to torture him and I'm going to hurt him" - Daniel Cormier challenges Jake Paul to an MMA fight after UFC 261 confrontation

Jake Paul and Daniel Cormier got into a heated exchange at UFC 261.
Jake Paul and Daniel Cormier got into a heated exchange at UFC 261.
Soumik Datta

Daniel Cormier has laid out a challenge to Jake Paul after their confrontation at UFC 261. The former UFC heavyweight champion has declared that he wants to fight Paul in a Mixed Martial Arts fight and not under a limited set of rules in a boxing bout.

During the most recent edition of DC & Helwani, Cormier detailed his interaction with Jake Paul and challenged the latter to an MMA fight. DC stated that although he doesn't want to fight Jake Paul, he won't let the latter disrespect him. Cormier added that he isn't willing to bend to Jake Paul's demands and enter The Problem Child's playing field - the boxing ring - because he doesn't need to chase a payday.

"I don't wanna fight Jake Paul but I'm not gonna let Jake Paul disrespect me," DC explained. "But I'll tell you one thing, let me tell you one thing about Jake Paul and I refer back to the Conor McGregor deal. Conor went to fight Floyd and made a ton of money because he had to. Floyd Mayweather is the greatest Boxer of all time, so you go and play on his playing field. Why would I go and box Jake Paul? Who I am, doesn't make me chase anything. I made my money as the heavyweight champion of the world, I don't have to chase some payday."

Cormier further said that if Jake Paul is willing to fight him, the former is ready to do it in an octagon. DC added that he is also ready to return to his old light heavyweight weight class at 205-lbs.

The former UFC double champion lastly fired a warning to Jake Paul, claiming that an MMA fight won't be pleasant for The Problem Child, as Cormier promised to torture and hurt Paul. DC stated:

"This kid wants to fight? Okay, I'll fight him but it will be a Mixed Martial Arts competition. If he wants to actually fight with me, fight me in Mixed Martial Arts and then, I'll fight him all the way down at 205. I'm living happy, I'm fat and healthy. I'll go all the way down to 205, to fight this kid, in Mixed Martial Arts. If you really wanna fight me, like seriously fight me, fight me in Mixed Martial Arts and this is not going to be fun. I'm telling you right now, at 42 years old, bad back and everything, I'm going to torture him and I'm going to hurt him. I don't wanna box him, I don't wanna fight in a limited skill set of rules. If you really wanna fight me, fight me in a Mixed Martial Arts competition, I'll go all the way to 205 and I'm going to smash him, and I'm going to hurt him. And then, he can go back to fighting these YouTube kids but don't think for a second that I would chase a payday in Boxing because I don't need it."

Jake Paul is expected to respond to Daniel Cormier later today

Jake Paul will be interviewed by Daniel Cormier's fellow co-host Ariel Helwani later in the day. It remains to be seen if Paul will respond to DC's challenge or if he is only willing to stick to boxing for the moment.

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