“I started very slowly” – Felipe Lobo on the lesson he learned in first title fight against Nong-O

Former ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion Nong-O, Felipe Lobo
Former ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion Nong-O, Felipe Lobo

Brazilian Muay Thai star Felipe Lobo will get his second shot at gold when he faces ONE bantamweight Muay Thai world champion Jonathan Haggerty for the strap at ONE Fight Night 19 on February 16.

Inside the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, 'The Demolition Man' will try to right his wrongs from his previous world title bout and hopefully snatch the belt from 'The General', who also holds his weight's kickboxing world title.

Felipe Lobo last fought for the strap at ONE X back in March 2022, coming up short against the then-titleholder, the legendary Nong-O Hama. In an interview with ONE Championship, the Brazilian striking marvel objectively assessed what went wrong for him that night.

He said:

“I started very slowly in that fight. Because it was a title fight, I should have started more aggressively. But now it will be different. I'm going to start being more aggressive. I'm training really hard.”

See 'The Demolition Man' attempt to demolish his way early against 'The General' come fight night. This should be interesting.

Felipe Lobo vs. Nong-O Hama at ONE X play-by-play

To understand fully what Lobo was talking about, it's best to analyze and watch his fight against the great Nong-O. Fighting for the belt on the promotion's pivotal 10th-anniversary card, the then-world champ wasn't going to fold so easily against his challenger.

Early in the fight, Nong-O brutally showcased his strength: his mastery of the fundamentals. He aggressively starched Lobo with hard roundhouse kicks and straight punches. The Brazilian was left to defend most of the world champion's attacks.

By the second round, Nong-O was in an absolute flow state as he seemingly saw everything Felipe Lobo threw miles away. He was, by and large, a few steps ahead of his challenger.

Come the third round, Nong-O connected with a surgical uppercut that snaked its way through Lobo's tight guard. The punch instantly shut the Brazilian's lights out and, as they say, that's all she wrote.

Watch the full fight here:


Look for Felipe Lobo to start early and not allow Jonathan Haggerty any momentum at ONE Fight Night 19, which will air live in US primetime on February 16, free of charge for existing Prime Video subscribers in North America.

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Edited by Harvey Leonard