"I don't think he fought clean" - Tyron Woodley believes Jake Paul used PEDs to beat him

Tyron Woodley almost knocked down Jake Paul
Tyron Woodley almost knocked down Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley is of the opinion that Jake Paul used PEDs to eke out a split decision win against him.

In a suspicious turn of events, according to Woodley, one official asked him for his urine sample hours before the fight. When he questioned if he's being drug tested, one of the commissioners responded affirmatively. Surprised by their clumsy way of conducting the drug test, Woodley said his sample wasn't even sealed properly.

The 39-year-old thinks the collection of his sample was just part of an act to convince everyone that he was being drug tested, whereas, in reality, he wasn't.

Dismissing the idea that he was undergoing a urine analysis process, Woodley said he had done all the testing formalities, including urine analysis, neurological eye exam, physical blood work, and a pre-physical test for the second time moments before the fight.

"At the end of the day, why in the f**k did you come in there and fake like you were doing a drug test?" Woodley said on his Instagram live. "If you remember, I asked (Jake Paul) on the show, I said 'are you taking PEDs? Are you taking steroids?' and he froze and said 'we are taking a drug test'. We didn't take a drug test... He didn't take a drug test. I don't think he fought clean. It doesn't matter because I still think I won the fight but now we got to run it back. 100 percent."

Watch Woodley's Instagram live below:

According to ESPN's Mike Coppinger, Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul were believed to have been tested for PEDs at the end of their fight.

Tyron Woodley is gunning for a rematch against Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley is convinced he won his fight against Jake Paul. One judge scored the fight 77-75 in favor of Woodley, while the other two had it 77-75 and 78-74 for Paul.

To prove that he is a better boxer, 'The Chosen One' now wants to challenge Paul once again in a rematch.

During his post-fight interview, Paul claimed he would give Tyron Woodley an immediate rematch if he honors their infamous tattoo bet, and the former UFC star agreed to do so.

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