"I think I saw a knee to the head" - Kelvin Gastelum shows Bradley Martyn levels of UFC champions as amateur punishes body builder

Kelvin Gastelum (left) and Bradley Martyn (right). [via Instagram @kgastelum @bradleymartyn and inset via Twitter @patrickallsyms]
Kelvin Gastelum (left) and Bradley Martyn (right). [via Instagram @kgastelum @bradleymartyn and inset via Twitter @patrickallsyms]

Kelvin Gastelum is the latest mixed martial artist to join in on the critcism against social media influencer and bodybuilder Bradley Martyn.

Martyn is infamous amongst MMA fans for suggesting that he could take on professional fighters, having made the suggestion to UFC legend Nate Diaz amongst others. Although Martyn was swiftly dismissed by Diaz, his comments have not been received well by fans and other professionals.

Gastelum quoted a video on X (formerly known as Twitter) that showed a smaller mixed martial artist taking on a heavier-built Turkish bodybuilder. The MMA fighter took down the bodybuilder and inflicted some heavy ground and pound damage on the bodybuilder.

There are differing reports of the martial artist's background but the post quoted by Gastelum stated that he is a fighter with four wins and four losses on his record.

Check out the clip below:

Kelvin Gastelum called out Bradley Martyn without naming him and warned him about the capabilities of UFC fighters and champions at the pinnacle of MMA.

"Lmao someone let that bodybuilder calling out MMA fighters know that this featherweight could do the same to him, let alone UFC champions. All of these shots were legal in mma & they’re in a field. I think I saw a knee to the head at the end though."

Check out his post below:

Bradley Martyn was similarly humbled years ago by a mixed martial artist. In old footage still online on his YouTube channel, Martyn is hurled across the mat and submitted on various occasions by a brown belt.

Bradley Martyn: When is Kelvin Gastelum's next fight?

Kelvin Gastelum was scheduled to face welterweight sensation Shavkat Rakhmonov at UFC Fight Night 227 on September 16.

Unfortunately, Gastelum had to pull out due to a gruesome injury to the nose suffered in a sparring session. It was caused due to an elbow from his sparring partner.

Gastelum posted a video of how it happened on Instagram, and images of his treatment.

Check them out below on Instagram:

Gastelum maintained that he still intends to fight Shavkat Rakhmonov and spoke about it on his YouTube channel. He apologized for the unfortunate incident and revealed his request to the UFC to move the fight to November 11th at the Madison Square Garden.

“I asked to move it up to November, so hopefully they grant me this wish. I want to fight in November, so hopefully they grant me the wish. That’ll be November 11th in Madison Square Garden so hopefully that comes to fruition.”

Check out Kelvin Gastelum's comments below [3:52]:


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