"I did three years there and I didn't want to leave" - Mike Tyson reveals why he didn't want to leave prison

Mike Tyson claims he had a gala time inside prison
Mike Tyson claims he had a gala time inside prison

Mike Tyson has experienced both the highest of highs and the lowest of lows during his life. In 1992, the former world heavyweight champion was convicted of rape and sentenced to ten years in prison. The sentence was later reduced to six years in prison and four years on probation. Tyson ended up spending only three years in prison. In 1995, he was released due to good behavior during his sentence.

While most people desperately wait to be released from the day they enter prison, Mike Tyson belongs to a different breed. In an appearance on Sit Down With Michael Franzese, Tyson revealed why he didn't feel like leaving prison after spending three years inside:

"Listen, I'm going to tell you, I did three years there and I didn't want to leave. I was hitting my teacher. I had a lady teacher there. She'd been there for 15...and that was my level, and I said 'why do I need to be out?' I am hanging out with these guys, watching fights...Sometimes you get caught up you know? I got caught up and I didn't want to leave for a second," Mike Tyson said.

Tyson got so accustomed to the way of life in prison that, for a second, he thought he didn't want to leave. The friendships that were forged during his time in prison are dear to him. He explained he got caught up and was in two minds about leaving right before he was supposed to be released.

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Jamie Foxx stars as Mike Tyson in a drama series based on the former heavyweight champion's life

Mike Tyson's life has been so eventful that a drama series is currently being made on the boxer. The limited series is titled 'Tyson' and popular Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx is portraying 'Iron Mike' in it. It is being produced by legendary filmmaker Martin Scorcese. There is no confirmation on when the series will be available for online streaming.

Tyson last entered the boxing ring in December 2020 and fought Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition match. He looked pretty sharp for a 55-year-old and is expected to fight again.

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