"I wanna find my rival" - Aleksa Camur talks about his 'fight bucket list' ahead of the bout with Nick Negumereanu at UFC Vegas 29 [Exclusive]

Aleksa Camur
Aleksa Camur

UFC light heavyweight Aleksa Camur will make his third appearance for the promotion on June 19, 2021, against Nicolae Negumereanu. The light heavyweight bout will take place at the UFC Apex arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Aleksa Camur recently appeared in an interview with John Hyon Ko for Sportskeeda. The 25-year-old Serbian fighter explained that he wants a "bloody war," which is part of his fighter's bucket list. Sharing what his list is all about, Aleksa Camur said:

"I've been watching the UFC for a while and I've seen rivalries take place and I've seen all this beef. I love, like, all the respect aspect of the fight game, but I hope that in my career one day, I could find that Tito Ortiz to my Chuck Liddell. I wanna, one day, find the dude. You know, like my rival. I have yet to find my rival in the fight game. And I am excited about that. There are some things on my fight bucket list that I wanna check off."

A war inside the octagon is something that Aleksa Camur hopes to check off his bucket list as well. He believes that this "war" will be the one memorable octagon moment forever associated with him. He said,

"Obviously, I love a quick finish. A quick finish is awesome. A decision, you know, it is what it is. But, a three-round war or a five-round war, whether it's like the main event or an undercard fight, I'd love that. I'd have fun doing that."

Aleksa Camur is looking to bounce back to the winning side on June 19

Aleksa Camur is currently 1-1 in the UFC. He faced his first professional loss at the hands of William Knight back in September 2020 at UFC 253. The two fighters went the distance of three rounds, and the judges' scorecards unanimously favored William Knight's victory.

Now with a record of 6-1, Aleksa Camur hopes to bounce back to the winning side. Speaking about how he plans on making up for the loss in his upcoming fight, Aleksa Camur said:

"I'm ready to take it anywhere. I'm ready to scrap, I'm ready to dominate. I've been working hard on this and that last fight left a bad taste in my mouth. I wanna show everybody what I can do. I'm trying to just get that momentum back."

Watch the full interview below:


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