"I want to whoop his a**" - Tyron Woodley reveals why he decided to fight Jake Paul

Tyron Woodley (left) and Jake Paul (right)
Tyron Woodley (left) and Jake Paul (right)

Tyron Woodley has revealed the sequence of events that led to his fight with Jake Paul coming to fruition.

During his recent appearance on 'Food Truck Diaries', 'The Chosen One' claims to have been offered a boxing match with 'The Problem Child' while still under contract with the UFC. However, according to Woodley, Paul wasn't initially interested in the matchup.

But after decimating Ben Askren in the main event of Triller Fight Club's pay-per-view on April 17th, 2021, Jake Paul had to step up to take on Tyron Woodley next. Woodley claims that considering Jake Paul's larger-than-life persona on social media, the YouTube sensation had no other option but to accept the fight.

Furthermore, Tyron Woodley was irked when Jake Paul and one of his crewmates, J'Leon Love, prank-called him leading up to the boxing match with Askren. Woodley claims to have received an overwhelming 600 calls when Paul reportedly doxxed his cell number in a video.

"Him and his buddy was doing some prank call. So Ben was fighting, they said, 'let me prank call his coaches.' I wasn't in camp for Ben's fight...but I cornered him. It's my dawg so I've gotta look out. Cool, I'll do the interview. Even if they called me randomly without a notice."
"At the end of it, 'So what do you think when Jake kicks the hell out of Ben?' At that point I knew something was up...they were laughing and turned my phone to the camera. So now 600 calls later on my cellphone, I was like, 'whoever this dude that did this, I want to whoop his a**'."

Check out a clip from the infamous prank-call video below:

Tyron Woodley locked eyes with J'Leon Love at Floyd Mayweather's birthday bash in February

The first instance that triggered animosity in Tyron Woodley towards Jake Paul was at Floyd Mayweather's birthday party in February. The former UFC welterweight champion came face-to-face with J'Leon Love at Mayweather's bash, where the super-middleweight boxer surprisingly didn't confront 'The Chosen One.'

"I'm in Miami for Floyd's birthday party. He asked me to come out, never asked me to do anything. Some guy walks up to me, and kinda spooked away and peeled off to the left. Alright, cool. I don't know who the f**k that was...he slid off. Then, they tell me who the person was. I watched (Jake Paul's) was him, he was at the party."

However, Love didn't keep up his demeanor during the locker room altercation on April 17th with Tyron Woodley.

Check out Tyron Woodley's interview with Brendan Schaub on Food Truck Diaries below:

Tyron Woodley will take on Jake Paul under the Showtime banner on August 28, 2021.

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