"I will f***ing quit" - Dana White was ready to leave UFC over Joe Rogan getting canceled online

Dana White contemplated exiting UFC amid online backlash against Joe Rogan
Dana White (left) contemplated exiting UFC amid online backlash against Joe Rogan (right) [Images courtesy: Getty Images]

Dana White recently said he was prepared to walk away from the UFC in response to the online backlash against Joe Rogan. The veteran UFC color commentator, one of the longest-serving employees, is likely among the most valued and cherished by the organization's boss.

Rogan is well-acquainted with inciting online controversy, often due to remarks on his podcast that some find offensive. In 2022, he faced significant counterblast after footage surfaced of him using racial slurs in early episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience. This controversy was further intensified by his contentious comments on anti-coronavirus vaccines and alleged anti-Semitic remarks.

When a significant number of Spotify employees called for the termination of Rogan's contract from the audio platform, the UFC also considered severing ties with the former 'Fear Factor' host amid the controversy. However, White staunchly opposed this move, vowing to resign if they dismissed his long-time friend.

During a recent appearance on the FLAGRANT podcast, the UFC CEO recounted the incident, saying:

"You think that you're gonna f**king cancel Joe Rogan, and I'm gonna just say, OK? No, I will f**king quit this job and leave and go do something else before you're gonna try to f**k it. And the whole cancel thing... If you're in the right place in your life, then who the f**k's gonna cancel you? The only ones who can really cancel you are your f**king family and friends. F**k all these other people. Who gives a sh*t what anyone of these f**king people thinks?"

Check out Dana White's comments below (13:26):


When Joe Rogan vowed to quit UFC after Dana White departs

Following the acquisition of the UFC for $2 million in 2001 by Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Frank Fertitta, White assumed the role of company president with the daunting task of revitalizing the promotion. This endeavor demanded a complete overhaul, requiring White to essentially reconstruct every aspect of the organization from scratch.

As fate would have it, the visit to shutter the UFC offices resulted in White recruiting Joe Rogan to become the primary color commentator for the broadcast team. Despite the initial financial strain facing the MMA promotion, Rogan accepted the role without compensation for several events, offering his support to White during a period of financial difficulty.

The bond between Rogan and White has evolved to such an extent that the commentator has asserted that he will depart from the organization once the UFC CEO exits, as stipulated in his contract.

During a July 2023 episode of his podcast featuring Matt Serra, Rogan discussed his unwavering loyalty to White and reflected on the unique provision in his contract:

"He f***ing loves this sh*t. If he ever, it's in my contract that if he ever leaves, I leave. I'm like, 'I don't want to do this for anyone else'."

Check out Joe Rogan's comments below:


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