Is the UFC 4 game cross platform compatible?

DC and UFC 4
DC and UFC 4
Sayan Nag

The UFC 4 game does not support crossplay, much to the disappointment of gamers around the world. When UFC 4 was announced for the first time in June, 2020, gamers and UFC fans were hoping that the new version could be played across platforms.

EA launched the new version of the game with a brand new career version and many other updated features but sadly on two consoles only: PS 4 and Xbox One. UFC 4 Creative Director, Brian Hayes had the following to say about the game's availability on PS 5 or Xbox Series X:

If both consoles support backwards compatibility for Gen 4 games then presumably, fans will be able to play UFC 4 on their Gen 5 consoles. We haven't yet had an opportunity to test this out and determine whether any additional development work is required to leverage Backward Compatibility, but we hope to see UFC 4 playable on Gen 5 hardware using that feature.

As always with these UFC titles, there is a lot to get hooked into in terms of controls, combinations and fighting styles. There isn't a huge change in terms of how to play the game compared to its predecessors, with the gameplay also taking a similar approach. The stand-up seems pretty similar to UFC 3, but that's not an issue, as that wasn't an area that needed improving an awful lot. Grappling on the ground seems to be pretty much the same while the takedowns have become significantly smoother.

UFC 4 and the crossplay situation

Cross-platform is a fantastic technology that some of the games, releasing on multiple platforms have implemented. It allows gamers playing the game across different platforms to compete against each other. The previous version of the game facilitated this feature to some extent as a crossplay between PlayStation and PC was always embedded.

However, since PlayStation and Xbox are not connected, UFC 4 restricts gamers to only one platform. UFC 4 did not release a version for PC or Nintendo Switch. While many modern and popular games have recognized the crossplay feature as a key factor of their success, the developers at EA have been silent on the topic.

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