Israel Adesanya names the Jackie Chan movie that best sums up the experience of being a fighter

Israel Adesanya (left) and Jackie Chan (right). [via Getty Images]
Israel Adesanya (left) and Jackie Chan (right) [via Getty Images]

Israel Adesanya is known for allowing culture and his personal interests to influence his fighting style. The former middleweight champion has a love for anime and Jackie Chan and is quite vocal about it.

During a recent appearance on the talk show Hot Ones, Adesanya spoke to host Sean Evans and named the movie that best captured the experience of being a fighter. 'Izzy' chose 'Drunken Master', which stars Jackie Chan and was released in 1978.

He said:

"The Drunken Master, Jackie Chan. That was a good one as well. His movies would just like excite me. 'Cause he just seemed like he didn't want to fight but he's having fun doing it. [Imitating Jackie Chan] 'I don't want to hurt anyone. No, leave me alone. [punching noises] No, I'm so sorry.' And he did all his own stunts."

'The Last Stylebender' mentioned Chan's persona of eschewing violence but partaking in it only to defend himself and yet being apologetic.

The episode of Hot Ones is unreleased and this excerpt is from a preview clip posted to Twitter by Jed I. Goodman. The complete episode will be released on November 24, 11 AM EST (9:30 PM IST) and can be watched on the First We Feast YouTube channel.

Check out the preview clip posted on Twitter:

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Chris Curtis advises Israel Adesanya to "poison" Alex Pereira

Israel Adesanya suffered his first-ever defeat in the middleweight division when he lost to his former Glory Kickboxing foe, Alex Pereira. 'Izzy's' third combat sports loss to Pereira at UFC 281 also ended his reign as middleweight champion.

UFC middleweight Chris Curtis suggested an alternative way for Adesanya to deal with Pereira in an interview with Helen Yee on her YouTube channel:

"Like I would - at that point you just have to poison him. Because like you can't defeat him in one-on-one combat so we gotta do the gladiator thing and like stab him or poison him before the fight. I think he's played that sh*t off. Because like if one dude kept hounding me down my entire career and beating me, I'm gonna come find you at home. I'm settling this with knives, I don't care."

Despite losing for a third time to Alex Pereira, Israel Adesanya did not exhibit any animosity in his post-fight interviews. He has maintained that he will return better prepared to reclaim his belt.

Watch Chris Curtis' full interview below:


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