Israel Adesanya resorts to X-rated memes in reaction to Alex Pereira's Pikachu jacket

Alex Pereira (left) and Israel Adesanya (right) [Image credits: @stylebender on Instagram and @mma_orbit on Twitter]
Alex Pereira (left) and Israel Adesanya (right) [Image credits: @stylebender on Instagram and @mma_orbit on Twitter]

Israel Adesanya recently responded to Alex Pereira's trolling by sharing some explicit Pokemon memes on social media. The two rivals are set to face each other in their rematch at UFC 287 this weekend at the Miami-Dade Arena.

Alex Pereira recently trolled Israel Adesanya by wearing a Pikachu-themed jacket at UFC 287 media day, referencing the Nigerian-born Kiwi's love for anime. The Brazilian had previously also reacted to one of Adesanya's reaction videos on YouTube, which showed the former middleweight champion's stuffed toy collection, including a plush Pikachu toy.

In response to 'Poatan's jacket, the Nigerian-born Kiwi fired back with an X-rated Pokemon-themed meme on Twitter. The picture showed an explicitly edited Pokemon, 'Jigglypuff,' with a caption that read:

"I heard you like Pokémon. Catch deez! @AlexPereira"

While many within the MMA community saw Pereira's fashion choices as part of his mental warfare against Israel Adesanya, 'Poataon' recently made it clear that the jacket was a gift that coincidentally had a bright yellow Pikachu on the back.

At UFC 287 media day, Pereira slyly explained the Pikachu on his jacket without naming Israel Adesanya, saying:

"Honestly, somebody just gifted it to me ten minutes ago. I liked it, I thought it was cool, and it matched my pants. Nothing set up, I really just got this ten minutes ago, and I think it matches my pants."

UFC 287: Fans react to Israel Adesanya firing back at Alex Pereira with an X-rated Pokemon meme

It seems Alex Pereira has developed quite a penchant for getting under 'The Last Stylebender's skin and has regularly taken shots at the Nigerian-born Kiwi's social media posts. However, Israel Adesanya did not sit back and take it this time, as he tweeted a savage X-rated meme to address Pereira's trolling.

However, fans were less than amused by 'The Last Stylebender's attempt at redemption and brutally trolled him in the comments section under his tweet:

One user pointed out Pereira's success in getting into Adesanya's head, writing:

"He lives rent-free in your head, dude."

Another user jokingly wrote:

"I don’t even wanna know what you googled to get this picture."

One fan replied with an edited meme:

"This is not a rivalry... They always kick our a**."

Another fan tweeted a meme of Dana White texting someone:

"Delete that sh*t you fu**in goof."

One user questioned Adesanya's recent fashion choices and asked:

"Dog collar and a dress lil bro? You good?"

Another fan wrote:

"U make it hard to root for u at times Izzy man."

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