Jake Paul shares three-word reaction to Mike Tyson's "feeling 100%" post discrediting 'The Problem Child'

Jake Paul (right) did not take kindly to Mike Tyson
Jake Paul (right) did not take kindly to Mike Tyson's (left) remarks after health concern [Image Courtesy: @miketyson Instagram]

Jake Paul did not take kindly to Mike Tyson's veiled jab at his perceived lack of boxing skills. Paul's upcoming boxing match against the 57-year-old appeared to be in jeopardy after it was reported that Tyson needed medical attention during his recent flight from Miami to Los Angeles. However, the boxing legend assured fight fans that he is in good health.

After the news about Tyson's health caught momentum, his team revealed that a flared-up ulcer caused the flight incident but he was doing well. Tyson took to social media and gave a health update while discrediting Paul's fighting abilities:

"Now feeling 100% even though I don't need to be to beat Jake Paul."

The post caught Paul's attention, who then took to the comments section and gave a three-word reaction to Tyson's statement:

"Hey, that’s mean!"
Jake Paul's reaction to Mike Tyson's statement
Jake Paul's reaction to Mike Tyson's statement

The bizarre Paul vs. Tyson matchup, scheduled for July 20, has been heavily criticized for the 30-year-age gap between them. While Paul has reiterated that his goal is to become a boxing world champion, many have questioned the relevance of fighting an out-of-prime boxing legend in the quest to win the title.

Michael Bisping thinks Mike Tyson might not be ready to fight a much younger Jake Paul

In a video on his YouTube channel, former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping discussed the in-flight incident involving Mike Tyson's health concern. 'The Count' argued that the incident indicates that Tyson is not at the best stage of his life to compete in a professional boxing match.

While Tyson's training videos on social media show he is well-prepared for a fight, Bisping highlighted:

"It's easy to edit up a quick little TikTok video, you know? A few seconds looking good, you can see the cut shots, you see the interludes ... You can do that for a couple of seconds, but try doing that sustained over eight two-minute rounds against a guy that's in his prime."

He added:

"Mike Tyson wants to test the waters, see if he's still got it ... He wants to make some money, he wants to feel alive, he wants to get back in the ring, okay. He wants to do what he does best. Okay, but that time has passed. That ship has sailed."

Catch Michael Bisping's comments below (3:58):


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