Jessica Eye loses her cool amid Twitter meltdown as fan jokes about breakup - "Too soon'

Jessica Eye melts down after breakup [Image courtesy: @jessicaevileye on Instagram]
Jessica Eye melts down after breakup [Image courtesy: @jessicaevileye on Instagram]

Former UFC women's flyweight title challenger Jessica Eye recently had an absolute meltdown on Twitter seemingly after her breakup. 'Evil' bared it all in what is admittedly one of the worst days of her life, while also appearing to own up to her own mistakes.

Eye revealed that she had briefly moved in with her partner, who was a Pisces, only for him to leave her and move out of state.

Amidst the meltdown, a fan tried to lift up Eye's spirits by cracking a rather distasteful joke.

'Evil' absolutely lost it and said in an uncharacteristic outburst:

'F*ck You'

The fan immediately retracted, admitting that he might have joked about Eye's breakup too soon, to which 'Evil' agreed. The fan wrote:

"I was being funny and trying to make you laugh. Too soon tho. I wish you love and happiness."

Jessica Eye also revealed other heartwarming details about her relationship like her man braiding her hair while she was sick in the hospital. The former UFC title challenger also claims to have deleted her OnlyFans, albeit it may or may not be related to the breakup.

Jessica Eye hinted at a pro-wrestling move after MMA retirement

Jessica Eye hung up her gloves for good after a decision loss to Maycee Barber at UFC 276 in July 2022. 'Evil' retired after nine years in the UFC, ending her career on a four-fight skid. The biggest moment of her career was a 2019 title clash against Valentina Shevchenko which she lost via second-round TKO.

Eye subsequently revealed that she had to deal with a series of injuries resulting from the consecutive losses which helped her take the decision. The former UFC title challenger also hinted at the beginning of a whole new journey in pro wrestling. 'Evil' said during the UFC 276 post-fight media scrum:

“I’ve always wanted to dabble in pro wrestling. I want to be the female Undertaker. I want to ride a motorcycle down to the octagon and DDT somebody. I’d love to do that. … AEW, WWE, let’s go. Jessica ‘Evil’ Eye is ready. Jessica ‘Evil’ Eye does not end here. She’s just starting a new journey.”

Catch Jessica Eye's comments below:


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