"Traditional home BJP training" - Jiri Prochazka shows off his samurai sword skills leading up to UFC 275

Jiri Prochazka (Image via YouTube/@JiriProchazka)
Jiri Prochazka (Image via YouTube/@JiriProchazka)
Ryan Harkness

Jiri Prochazka famously travels around the world to train in search of new techniques and skills, but even a wandering martial artist like 'BJP' comes home sometimes. His latest Fight Preparation video for UFC 275 follows him as he trains at his home gym and around the Czech Republic.

Welcoming viewers into his back yard, Prochazka said:

"Traditional home BJP training! Everything what I need is here. Kettlebell, punching bag, makiwara, rope, rail, all the classics. I'm repeating every week continuously, once in a week, minimum. Let the deep core stay there, the stabilization system, this training has it all. The core, the movement, a flow, connection to everything of course through my antenna, and endurance, endurance power, maximum power, dynamics, all condition factors."

Prochazka often trains using traditional martial arts techniques and equipment, but this video also shows some of his more unusual methods like 'neurovisual training,' which involves dodging a wooden cube on a string. He explained:

"If there is some muscle in your eye that can be strengthened, I will strengthen them. I will strengthen the distinction between near and far to make it as fast as possible, to make the information that penetrates through the vision contact into the brain to be bop bop bop bop ... the fastest. This affects all reactions in the fight."

Watch Jiri Prochazka's full UFC 275 Fight Preparation 5 video below:


Also included in Prochazka's backyard workouts is meditation time and samurai sword practice. It looks like 'BJP' is ready for anything light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira might throw at him come UFC 275 on June 11.

It’s #UFC275 FIGHT WEEK! The Strawweight Queen @joannamma makes her long awaited return in a epic rematch vs @MmaWeili AND @gloverteixeira defends his belt against surging contender @jiri_bjp! Who wins & why?! 👀

Jiri Prochazka believes the most powerful weapon in MMA is the mind

Jiri Prochazka is a violent fighter whose 28 wins come with 25 knockouts. However, according to Prochazka, his greatest weapon isn't his fists or his elbows but his mind. In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports, he said:

“You need to be in control of the mind, the soul and the physical body … For me, this is really important because when you realize your mind is your main weapon, everything is clear. Then you can start to know how to use these weapons in the right way. If you are a fighter, especially an MMA fighter, and you understand the way of the warrior, then you naturally realize what is your main weapon. That’s my mission, to learn these things.”

It's talk like this that has made Jiri Prochazka a favorite of another fighter who put martial arts at the forefront of his thinking, Georges St-Pierre. Leading up to Prochazka's title shot at UFC 275, St-Pierre said he believes Prochazka has what it takes to be a future world champion.

Watch Jiri Prochazka react to Georges St-Pierre's praise below:


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