Jon Jones' daughters: A look at the UFC great's family

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Jon Jones has had his share of failed drug tests and altercations with the law, but he surely has a strong home team to see him through it all.

Jon Jones has been with his partner Jessie Moses since they were in high school together at Endicott High School near Binghamton, New York. They have three daughters together - Leah, Carmen Nicole, and Olivia Haven. Jones has mentioned a fourth daughter in a couple of interviews, but has not opened up much about her. However, he often shares his family pictures on Instagram.

Jones got engaged with Moses in 2013, right before the birth of their third daughter. They have never revealed any details about a wedding, although Jones often refers to Moses as his "wife" in interviews.

Their second daughter, Carmen, is named after Jon Jones' sister, who passed away at a young age of brain cancer.

Jon Jones has been spending some quality time with his kids through the lockdown, which otherwise was often hampered due to Bones' busy fighting and training schedule. He has posted videos on social media of giving his daughters training in the fundamentals of fighting.

Jones himself has been training for a move up to heavyweight during the pandemic, and in the last updated he provided, was already 240 lbs. heavy.

Jon Jones had to prove his family right

In a 2017 Bleacher Report interview, Jon Jones mentioned having a child before he had his first daughter with Moses. He also mentioned that this was the reason that brought him to fighting, and the rest was history.

"I was 19 years old. I went from being a guy with all these wrestling dreams to feeling like a complete waste of life. I had these two brothers who were still in college and who were starting to be whispered about being NFL players. And there I was, back in my hometown, working at the local bar, a dropout with one baby and one more on the way, running into all the kids who were still in college. I felt like even my parents didn't believe in me at that point. I felt like no one believed in me but Jessie and her mom. I had to prove them right. I had to."

Jon Jones used to work as a bouncer at a bar called Bobby's Place while Moses worked as a secretary when they had their first child, Leah, who was born in 2008.

Jon Jones also acknowledges Moses' mother Sheila Ryan to be a huge inspiration in his life. He told Newsday in 2014 that Ryan was the first person to teach him to be confident and focus on positive and goal-oriented thoughts.

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