Jon Jones discusses feeling vindicated after USADA rule change

UFC heavyweight contender Jon Jones
Jon Jones makes UFC heavyweight debut at UFC 285

Jon Jones likely has the greatest resume of any fighter in mixed martial arts history. However, failed drug tests have prevented some from labeling him as the greatest of all time. Following a USADA rule change that altered the threshold level required for a test to be flagged, which would have prevented his samples from being deemed illegal, 'Bones' shared that he felt vindicated about the no-contest that is on his record.

Speaking at the media day ahead of UFC 285, the longtime light heavyweight champion stated:

"USADA has changed some of the rules regarding picogram levels and what's allowed and I've come to find out that all my findings were under the new legal limit, meaning that I would have been cleared from every test I've ever taken, and that means a lot to me."

Jon Jones elaborated on the issue by saying that the no-contest against Daniel Cormier would've been a knockout:

"I'm grateful to be the athlete who fought the system, who could afford the lawyers and the scientists to prove my innocence... People considered me a cheater. Now, if that same rule would've applied back then, it would've never even made the media. It would have never been a deal at all. My win over Daniel Cormier would not be a no contest, it would be a knockout."

In 2019, USADA changed its rules regarding the amount of turinabol metabolite allowed in a fighter's system. Jones had his UFC 214 knockout victory over Daniel Cormier overturned and was ruled a no-contest after he tested positive for the substance. While an independent arbitrator ruled that he did not intentionally take the substance, 'Bones' was suspended for 15 months and stripped of his title. He is now looking to have the no-contest turned back into a victory.

Watch Jon Jones' full comments regarding the USADA rule change below:

Jon Jones previously discussed USADA rule change

Jon Jones recently took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the USADA rule change. After sharing a post that discussed the rule change and called for his UFC 214 no-contest to be converted to a victory, 'Bones' stated:

"I feel officially cleared. There will be no asterick next to any of my performances. It’s good the rest of the world can see what I’ve known this whole time. My only advantage over my competition has been pure Hard work."

It is unclear if USADA and the Nevada State Athletic Commission will look into overturning the no-contest. The only loss of Jones' career has been contested by UFC President Dana White for over a decade. However, the NSAC has declined to change the result thus far, indicating that the UFC 214 result is also unlikely to be overturned.

Check out Jon Jones' tweets below:

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