Jorge Masvidal knee knockout: 'Gamebred' details gameplan for his 5-second KO of Ben Askren 

'Gamebred' details the Jorge Masvidal knee knockout on Ben Askren [Images via: @BrawlintheCage on Twitter and @joeroganexperience on Instagram]

Jorge Masvidal scored the fastest knockout in UFC history at UFC 239. It took him only five seconds to put an end to his feud with fellow welterweight contender Ben Askren. The impact of the flying knee knockout on Masvidal's career was revealed by the reactions of the fighters in attendance and the audience.

Masvidal, who had been calm and composed before the fight, sprinted out of his corner the moment the referee called for action. Askren leaned over to go for a takedown and 'Gamebred' unleashed a flush flying right knee that knocked the former Olympian out cold.

With the flying knee knockout victory, Jorge Masvidal's popularity skyrocketed and he quickly became the UFC's new pay-per-view draw. Interestingly, a video of him practicing the same finish prior to the fight surfaced online, adding to the overall impact of the memorable finish.

On a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Jorge Masvidal discussed in detail the methodical preparation for the finish and flawless execution of the flying knee knockout. Taking advantage of Askren's natural inclination to go for a takedown, Masvidal devised a strategic gameplan. He said:

"I always like to study my [opponents] in different ways. On Twitter he [Askren] was like constantly witty... He's a dork and a nerd but he's got some weight behind the computer screen. When I saw him face-to-face... like my IQ against your improvisation... he froze up every single time."

Masvidal capitalized on all those observations leading up to fight night to ultimately knock Asken out in spectacular fashion:

"I was like, 'I not only need to run at him but I also need to have like a change of speed because that will make him go into his natural cro*ch-sniffing instincts. If I just change the speed on him, he's going to f**king duck.' That's why I came out slow and cut the little angle."

Check out the video from episode #137 of The Joe Rogan Experience below:


Jorge Masvidal promises that he will cross paths with Colby Covington again before he retires

One of the most interesting plot lines of recent times has been the rivalry between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington, who were once best friends but turned bitter enemies.

The pair locked horns at UFC 272 where Covington prevailed by unanimous decision owing to his wrestling prowess. Masvidal attempted to exact revenge on 'Chaos' by assaulting him outside a Miami restaurant, but he ended up facing charges of aggravated violence and criminal mischief.

According to Jorge Masvidal, the chapter is far from finished. 'Gamebred' promised to "legally murd*r" Covington inside the cage on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience before calling it quits on his MMA career:

"I basically fed this dude for a year, lived on my couch and gave him a dollar because he didn't have a job with a broken hand. He knows the relationship I have with my kids and you're trying to use that against me, you are a piece of sh*t....I promise you before my career is over, I'm going to f**king murd*r Colby in the cage legally."

Check out the clip below:


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