"I'm facing three felonies" - Jorge Masvidal gives insight into aftermath of Colby Covington attack

Colby Covington (left, image courtesy of Getty); Jorge Masvidal (right, image courtesy of @gamebredfighter Instagram)
Colby Covington (left, image courtesy of Getty); Jorge Masvidal (right, image courtesy of @gamebredfighter Instagram)

Jorge Masvidal has addressed the aftermath of his alleged attack on Colby Covington and labeled ‘Chaos’ as a “coward f**k”. Masvidal faced friend-turned-foe Covington in a welterweight bout at UFC 272 on March 5. Covington thoroughly outwrestled 'Gamebred' and defeated him via unanimous decision.

Regardless, given the extremely personal comments both fighters had directed towards one another, their feud remains as intense as ever. Furthermore, on March 21, Masvidal allegedly attacked Covington outside the Papi Steak restaurant in Miami.

The attack reportedly left Covington with a fractured tooth, an abrasion on his wrist, and purported damage to his Rolex watch. Covington immediately pressed charges against Masvidal, and the latter was arrested on March 23. 'Chaos' later claimed that he also suffered a brain injury due to the attack.

Jorge Masvidal is being accused of attacking his UFC rival Colby Covington and causing him to suffer a brain injury, according to court documents obtained by @MarcRaimondi.The alleged attack occurred March 21 in Miami Beach.

During an appearance on the latest edition of The MMA Hour, Ariel Helwani asked Masvidal about the Covington attack. Masvidal responded by stating:

“Allegedly this, allegedly that.” Helwani then chimed in and asked if the case is still underway. Masvidal replied by saying, “Yeah, I’m facing three felonies, if you wanna know the exact truth. And yeah, you know, still pending, you know. This guy’s a coward f**k. So, what could I expect from a coward f**k like him?”

Helwani questioned whether Masvidal will be able to return to the octagon this year. ‘Gamebred’ responded by highlighting that he could fight again this year, but given how the judicial system works, there is a possibility that his legal issues might prevent him from returning to the cage soon:

“Yeah, but, I mean, the justice system, right? So, it’s not like I get to make up these calls and stuff, you know? I wanna say I’ll be okay. I was in the positive impression about my faith in the good outcome. But I’m still facing three felonies, you know.”

Watch Jorge Masvidal’s conversation with Ariel Helwani in the video below:


Jorge Masvidal has been training with highly-touted wrestling savant Muhammad Mokaev

Jorge Masvidal is expected to be back in court for a pre-trial hearing on August 31st. ‘Gamebred’ has been charged with aggravated battery and criminal mischief. Interestingly, per a recent report by MMA Junkie, court documents from Miami-Dade County show that Masvidal’s third charge – committing a crime while wearing a mask – is unlikely to be pursued by the state.

After being outwrestled and bested by Covington, Masvidal has been working with UFC flyweight sensation Muhammad Mokaev. Apparently, Masvidal’s work with the Dagestan-born UK fighter is specifically aimed at improving the UFC megastar’s wrestling, as he looks to return to the win column in his next fight.

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