Karl Roberson and Jessica Eye miss weight

Karl Roberson and Marvin Vettori
Karl Roberson and Marvin Vettori

Karl Roberson has missed weight for the upcoming fight against Marvin Vettori at UFC on ESPN 10.

The first time, was supposed to happen last month in Jacksonville. Karl Roberson suffered from minor seizures during his weight cut which sent him for a hospital visit. The fight was eventually called off and the two middleweights then clashed in the hotel lobby. They were immediately separated by UFC security and Beneil Dariush.

Since that day they have traded verbal blows non-stop. They tore each other up with every curse word imaginable. This time around for UFC on ESPN 10, Vettori was one of the 1st to weigh in. He also hit his mark at 186. The 26 year old Italian then went to start the rehydration process.

Karl Roberson misses weight by a fair margin

Karl Roberson then jumped up onto the scale looking good, but came in at 190.5. That's 4.5 pounds over the allowance. Most of the time fighters that are struggling with a cut, just take the hit from the purse and weigh in. Once Marvin found out about the miss he took to social media to lambaste Karl Roberson with memes and comments.

Although unofficial right now it looks as if the fight will still happen. It comes at a steep price for Karl Roberson who will lose 30% of his purse. And with the anger built up in Marvin, he may also have to worry about some serious physical damage.

Both fighters are on 2 fight win streaks and are looking to break into the top 15. With the missed weight, a very possible mandatory move up for one fight might be where Karl Roberson finds himself. The New Jersey native would be a small light heavyweight but would have a slight speed advantage. It would just be hard to tell if any of his power would translate up.

The card as a whole has been bitten by a bad bug a couple of times. First Ray Borg pulled out for an unknown reason. Although afterwards he did send out via social media a picture of his young son who has a lot of physical issues. It was accompanied by the words "FAMILY FIRST". That's something that no one can argue with.

Then before weigh ins even began Darrick Minner woke up vomiting and sick. For the 1st time in a 35 fight career he had to pull out. That leaves Jordan Griffin without an opponent although he will probably at least get his show money. It also leaves the card with just 10 fights. Eight of the 10 are somewhat all short notice fights.

One half of the main event; Cynthia Calvillo made weight at her flyweight debut. Nearing the end of the weigh in window; her opponent Jessica Eye stepped on the scale and did not look good at all. She requested the hoop and missed weight by a quarter of a pound. When stepping off the scale and walking away she looked woozy and was heard saying "I'm done". That might mean the former bantamweight might just go back up.

Not to be outdone by Vettori; fellow Vegas native Joanne Calderwood ripped Jessica apart on her social media. Finally another missed weight happened when Zarrukh Adashev missed his bantamweight mark by 138.5.

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