Kevin Holland explains his private beef with Derek Brunson

UFC 256: Weigh-Ins
UFC 256: Weigh-Ins

Kevin Holland is looking to fight Derek Brunson.

In 2020, Holland has become a massive star as he went 5-0 and capped off the year with a KO win over Jacare Souza. Following the win, many believed Holland would get a top-10 opponent next and he has his eye on Brunson.

"I think fighting Derek Brunson as soon as they come back to the Apex because the good Lord knows I don't like traveling that far," Holland said to Chael Sonnen. "That would be nice. Honestly, that would be awesome, Chael. If we are speaking honest to each other, fighting Derek Brunson as soon as they come back to the Apex that would be picture perfect."

Brunson is currently ranked seventh while Holland is ranked 10th, so a fight makes sense. The two also have a history with one another, which is why Holland wants to make the fight happen.

Kevin Holland and Derek Brunson's private beef

The first time Kevin Holland and Derek Brunson talked to each other was in the lead-up to Brunson's scrap against Israel Adesanya.

At UFC 230, Brunson was looking to derail the hype of Adesanya and wanted to bring in Holland to mimic Adesanya. However, "Trailblazer" knew there was a good chance he would fight the now 36-year-old in the future.

"First time he ever messaged me was to help him get ready for the Israel Adesanya fight, sadly I had to turn that down. In my eyes, I was thinking he was on the chopping block as it was. Then he hit me up after my Anthony Hernandez fight and told me he would slam me on my head if I ever tried something like that with him. It was probably in a joking manner. He's a wrestler, you're a wrestler, you could probably vouch that he was probably just giving me props letting me know good job, if you ever try that with me I'd hit you with a good takedown. Probably trying to start a conversation. In my eyes, I'm a striker, throwing me on my head is fighting words. You are trying to hurt me... When he said that I kind of bickered back and then we started to go back-and-forth. I'm a young guy that loves to fight. If you come at me, it is fighting words. I want to do what we sign up to do."

Whether or not Kevin Holland and Derek Brunson will fight each other next is uncertain at this time.

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